Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Zack Wallenfang's "Wax Packs" Art Series!


Growing up in the late 80s/early 90s Trading Cards were all the rage with my friends and I. We collected everything from Sports Cards, ComicBook, and even Star Trek: The Original Series Cards!
 But without a doubt my favorite ones that I collected were the ones based off of a movie property, especially the horror related cards like the beloved Fright Flicks series that was released by TOPPS!

Over the last couple years artist Zack Wallenfang (Instagram / ETSY) has been creating a bevy of awesome art for popular and cults movies that deserved to be immortalized in cardboard! I posted my favorites of the series on this page, but please check out Zack's Official Website (http://www.zackwallenfang.com) to keep up to date on this project as well as of of Zack's art!

As you can see below Zack captures the look and feel of those 80s Cards perfectly, the art is so good he will have you convinced that these shared shelf space Batman, JAWS and The Ghostbusters!

- Tom


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