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SMF's Weekly ShartOuts (01/01/17)

(Banner Art via Icon Vs Icon's Jason Price)

Let's get a fresh batch of SMF ShartOuts going to kick off 2017! It's been awhile since I did one of these features here at the page, but basically it's just a post spotlighting some cool stories, movie screenings, and art from around the interwebs that I strongly endorse! So please check out all the links that were shared and please feel free to email me at ( if there's ever something you feel that should be featured in a future edition of the SMF's ShartOuts!

001: Up first is from two artist who's vibrant work always puts a smile on my face! Check out Jellykoe and their Super Cute take on the beloved Universal Monsters! 

The couple took this on as a commissions for a friend’s who plans to use it to decorate their newborn daughter’s bedroom! Very Cool Parents and Idea! For more of J. & Kelly's work check out their Online Store HERE!

002: On Friday January 6th . . . The Ball is Back at The Colonial Theatre!
For the 1st “First Friday Fright Night” Screening of 2017, The Colonial with be running a 35mm Print of “Phantasm II”!
I’m gonna try my best to make this screening, I been on a major Phantasm franchise kick as of late, buying both the Remastered Blu-ray of the Original as well and the recently released Ravager!

003: Speaking of 35mm Screening that you're gonna want to check out please spread the word on this one! On Sunday January 15th Exhumed Films will be hosting a benefit show for James “Doc Terror” Harris! At this Special Screening they will be running both  "Killer Klowns From Outer Space" and "The Deadly Spawn"!


James "Jimmy Terror" Harris is a longtime friend and supporter of Exhumed Films. He's well-known to many in the Philadelphia & NJ horror community, is the creator of the website Doc, and runs HorrorSexy Podcast. James is also the only known human on planet earth to sport an actual, permanent Exhumed Films 24 Hour Horror-thon tattoo! Even the guys in EF aren't that committed! Most importantly, Jimmy is a loving husband to his wife Nicole and a wonderful father to their three young daughters.

In December 2015, James was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, a form of cancer which is rare in adults. Over the last year James has gone through surgery and multiple rounds of chemo and radiation, and he still has a challenging road ahead. The guys in Exhumed Films are consistently inspired by Jimmy's strength, determination, and positive attitude; we are excited to do this screening not only as a way to raise money for James and his family, but also to celebrate his contributions to the horror community. Please share this event with others and help us make the fundraiser a huge success!

004: "World Gone Mad" & "The Good, The Tough, and The Deadly"!

These are Two Huge Coffee Table Book Pick-ups from David J. Moore that I bought myself for Christmas! Book One is all about Action Flicks, featuring 1000s of reviews, interviews with filmmakers and some really great insight to some really obscure ones! I actually got my buddy Jason a copy for X-mas and I liked it so much I grabbed myself a copy! The second book is all about Post-Apocalyptic Movies! I highly recommend adding both of these to your collection!

005: Another Christmas Gift to myself was this hilarious bundle from The Found Footage Festival!

The Found Footage Festival is a collection of the weirdest clips from the Golden Era of VHS! Some of the best stuff featured here (imo) are from Work Safety Videos, but other Gems include Videos aimed at Kids to stay away from Strangers as well that Truly Bizarre "Rent-A-Friend" Video you see in the bottom lefthand corner! After binge watching these DVDs I really got to check out one of their Live shows in the near future!

Now the Following ShartOuts are links/stories from some of my good friends, you might have seen me share some of these already on the SMF Facebook Page or Twitter, but in case you missed them the first time check them out . . .

006: My Buddy Chad over at The Horror Movie BBQ wrote this heartwarming piece about his recently acquired My Pet Monster!

007: Since it's been a while since I did the ShartOuts I never did get to mention how much I loved Joey Gallimore's (of Camera Viscera) "13 Days of Sequels" Feature that he did back in  October!

Joey has long been one of my favorite writers who covers the Horror Genre, and this blog feature was a true joy to read each day. Movies he covered such as "Pet Sematary 2" and "Maniac Cop 2" are both Sequels I find myself enjoying just as much if not more than their the original offerings!
Recently Joey has been killing it over at, check out all his posts featured over there right HERE!

008: For the Past Two Years Eddie Spuhghetti of has put out some of the coolest Holiday Companions VHS Tapes Ever Imagined! These tapes are chock full of 80s Awesomeness and not to be missed!

Keep yourself in the loop by following Eddie on his Instagram Page cause these suckers sellout awfully fast once they are announced!

009: Junk Food Dinner's Howard Stern Themed Episode!

Recently the Junk Food Dinner Podcast put together a whole tribute episode to "The King of All Media" Howard Stern, the JFD Crew talking about some Classic 90s' Stern Shenanigans brought back a lot of great memories! The episode the can be listened to right  HERE, covers "U.S. Open Sores", "Butt Bongo Fiesta", and the feature film "Private Parts"!

010: Speaking of Podcasts, if you haven't yet check out my latest appearance on the Acid Pop Cult Podcast where I did a detailed recap of "The 2016 Edition of Shitmas" with Icon vs Icon's Jason Price! 

That particular episode can be found right HERE!

Well that's  about all the ShartOuts I have for now. Let me know what you thought, and please Like the Pages shared above and help spread the word about them with your friends!

- Tom (SMF on Facebook) (SMF on Twitter) (SMF on Instagram)

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