Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Berenstain Bears' Christmas Tree (A 25 Days of Shitmas SMF Review!)

Today I was in the mood to do another Shitmas Post before this Year's Event Wraps Up tomorrow, I ended up settling on "The Berenstain Bears' Christmas Tree", a TV Special that originally aired in 1979! With a runtime of just under 25 minutes, the special in it's enteirely can be found on youtube in this video below incase you have never seen it or what a refresher . . .

Our Special begins on Christmas Eve with Papa Bear strutting down the Festive Streets of Bear Country with a an enormous salmon he just caught for his familes' Holiday Feast! 

When arriving home to his Tree House he sees that the rest of the Family of Bears (Mama Bear, Brother Bear, and Sister Bear) are waist deep in all kinds of Christmas Ornaments and Trinkets. The Bears unpack their beautiful tree topper (a 18 Point Star) but have yet to get their Christmas Tree to put everything on yet.

Papa Bear recruits the two Bear Cubs to help him go find the perfect tree for the family, while Mama Bear puts the remaining decorations. Passing by the nearby Tree Lot ran by a Bear named Gus, the 3 Bears head far away from their home to find their perfect tree!

Hey Griswold, where you gonna put a tree that big?

But each tree that Papa Bears deems worthy of their home is actually already the home of some other tree creature! From Skunks to Eagles (and even some Wolves), the Papa comes very close to issuing an eviction notice with the chop of his ax! 

With it getting very late into night and a snow storm taking the fun out of things for the two smaller bears, Papa decides that at this point any old tree with do so he settles on the next tree that he sees!

Before cutting it down thou the Elder Bear realizes that inside lives a Tiny Snow Bird and his Family. The birds are busy dressing a measly twig branch is their family and it's there that Papa Bear sees that all along he had it wrong and spares this family the blunt of his ax!

The Bears figured they will pick up a tree from Gus' Lot on their way back but are sad to see that the lot is all sold out! 

Returning home empty handed the Bears spirits are so lifted when they see their Home . . .

You see all the other Forest Creature who's houses that they spared earlier that evening have returned the favor by decorating the outside of Tree House in Spectacular Fashion! 

The Family of Bear now with their new found friends celebrate the true meaning of the Season by getting together with Loved Ones and realizing that all Creatures from the Biggest of the Big to the Smallest of the Small all deserve to have a Merry Christmas! Well Save for this Guy that is . . .

This really was a great Holiday Special that I'd totally recommend watching with the Family, as sated above this one is currently streaming on youtube, but you can also find it on a DVD that also includes 4 other Winter Tales!

 Merry Shitmas
- Tom

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