Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Night Terrors: Massacre on 34th St.

Today for Shitmas I decied to cover a movie called “Night Terrors” which was directed by the folks over at Weird On Top Pictures and released by Camp Motion Pictures’ as their love letter to 80s Horror Anthologies Movies! C.M.P. put this movie out on DVD, but also gave the movie the Old School VHS treatment, which is the version that I picked up at Chiller this past Halloween Weekend!

"Night Terrors" starts off on a Winterly Night as a Girl is stuck at home babysitting her younger brother and by default has to miss out on attending a big party with one of her friends.
The brother is having a hard time falling asleep so he begs his sister to tell him some stories that might help him  doze off!
There are 3 stories in all (+ the Brother/Sister wraparound) that’s featured in “Night Terrors”, but I’m only going to focus only on the story “Massacre on 34th St.” which you can guess by it’s title is Christmas themed!

The Sister's first story begins with a disgruntled punk named Johnny who’s serving his latest mandatory community service by ringing the bell for a Salvation Army red kettle outside a Hardware Store. A rather large man who’s dressed as Santa (with a very off putting mask) tries to make pleasantries with Johnny before entering the store, but he’s told to pretty much fuck off! Inside the store out “Santa” is in the market to purchase a new Ax and pointed in the right direction by the store’s owner.

When Santa emerges from the store, he plants his new shiny ax right into Johnny!

In the pile of guts that was once Johnny, Santa finds a DIY Punk Rock Flyer for a Christmas party that Johnny was gonna attend after his bell ringing duties. Santa soon decides to take Johnny's place because who better to spread some X-mas Cheer than Jolly St. Nick himself!

With that determination “Massacre on 34th St.” becomes one goresoaked scene after another as the Killer Santa intends to knock off all of Johnny’s Punk Rocker Friends who are squatting at the house!
 I loved the idea of that a good portion of this story takes place in a abandon house because it only amplifies the Scumy Nature of the Movie. When "Santa" shows up to face off against the Punks it takes them sometime to figure out that anything is wrong cause their place was already in such shambles!

Besides some top notch kill effects, what sets "Massacre on 34th St." apart (at least for me) from other Killer Santa movies from the past few years is without a doubt the look of of the Santa himself!
The Mask, The Voice, and The Pure Physically that Brandon Edging brings to "Night Terrors" makes me long for featured length Sequel of perhaps an Origin Story of what makes this guy Tick!

So if you are fan of Horror Anthologies and Christmas Theme Horror Tales, you really can't go wrong with "Night Terrors" which can be purchased at Alt. Cinema's Site Right (HERE)
BTW the other two tales "Baby Killer" and "Abstinence" are well worth your time as well!

Merry Shitmas
- Tom


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