Saturday, December 3, 2016

Night Of The Comet (A 25 Days of Shitmas Post from Stacy Still)

If you are anything like me you must truly love underrated Christmas movies. Let them be films like Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Gremlins, and even Trading Places. These are films that you wouldn't typically think as a holiday themed movie, when it actuality they not only take place around the holiday season but are always great to throw as a wild card during a Christmas movie marathon. One of my favorites to toss in every year is the 1984 cult classic Night Of The Comet. 

This fun splashy colorful comic book like film is the perfect mixture of comedy, action, sci-fi, and horror. With a killer soundtrack, 80's fashion, scary comet turned zombies, orange dust, memorable one-liners, and two of the most adorable female leads this is a must to watch every December. Think Valley Girl meets Return Of The Living Dead, meets I Am Legend. Thanks to Scream Factory a few years back we've been lucky enough to have this movie properly released on blu-ray in crystal clear HD. The movie tells the tale of a comet that's passing by Earth just a few weeks before Christmas and how the last time this sort of comet passed by our home planet was millions of years ago right around the time the dinosaurs were alive. Coincidence? I think not. 

While the whole world is out celebrating two sisters who live in LA with their bitchy step-mother spend the night indoors while the comet passes. The following morning they awake to find the entire city abandoned with thousands of pieces of clothing and orange dust where everyone once stood just hours before. It seems that the comet has cleared out nearly the entire planet's population and whoever wasn't completely sheltered when it passed are infected and slowly turning into flesh eating zombies. The two sisters meet up with a truck driver and begin to see the lighter side of being the only survivors (shopping montage!) Sadly the fun doesn't last due to zombies, nightmares, and a very shady group of scientist looking for a cure. Here the girls prove they are much tougher and clever than they look. 

To celebrate this fun 80's holiday themed film I decided to share some killer Night Of The Comet themed cocktails you can knock back while watching this movie during this up coming holiday season!


1 oz Vodka
1 oz Blue Curacao
4 oz Lemonade
2 cups crushed ice.

Comet Dust

1/2 oz amaretto almond liquor 
1/2 oz Southern Comfort peach liquor 
1/2 gin
A splash of orange juice
1 splash sweet and soul mix.
Crushed Ice.

Teenage Comet Zombie

2 oz Sour Apple schnapps
1/2 triple Sec
1 oz vanilla voka
2 oz Champagne

Remember never drink and fire a machine gun!

- Stacy from Staystillreviews -

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