Monday, December 19, 2016

Millions (A 25 Days of SMF Shitmas Review!)

Can Anyone Be Truly Good? That’s the question that Danny Boyle sets out to answer in “Millions” his 2004 (attempt at a) Family Film!

Our story begins with a 9 Year-old English Lad named Damian Cunningham, who’s playing near the train tracks outside of his new neighborhood. Damian’s play-time is interrupted when a large duffle bag of money from a botched Train Robbery lands in his lap!

Not sure what to do with this newly found fortune he believes is a Gift from God, Damian takes the duffle bag home and talks to older brother Anthony for advice!
The two brothers both have totally different ideas of how exactly this money should be used. The nobel Damian who’s wise beyond his years wants to use it to help those in need, while the selfish Anthony feels the money would be used on himself naturally!

Over the course of Millions, we see the two brothers try to spend the money discreetly as possible, but of course gain a lot of attention from the Adults around them, including their recently Widower Dad & a woman named Dorothy who works for a charity foundation that Damian made a rather large donation too at his School.

The boys come clean on where they have the rest of the money hidden and soon find out where it actually came from (in an excellent scene set to Muse's "Hysteria"!)
 But none of this matters cause they all come to realize that because of “€ Day” (the mandatory conversion of Pounds to the Euro) that all of this money will soon be worthless as the Christmas Holiday draws to an End! Oh and to make matters even worse one of the Train Robbers comes to Town searching for the lost bag!

Danny Boyle's "Millions" is a masterpiece of a movie, and definitely his most underrated in my opinion! While the storytelling is quite simple, it oozes style, and is one of those movies that makes you want to be a better person while watching it and in "Damian" we do see what would happen if were truly good! I mentioned earlier that this is Boyle's attempt at a Family Feature, and while I'll say he accomplished that goal, there's times where this movie gets UberCreepy! The stuff with the Train Robber and his pursuit of the two brothers is very reminiscent of The Night of The Hunter's Rev. Harry Powell!

Check this one if you are looking for an uplifting movie this time of the year, and remember to reach out to those in need, even the simplest gestures to you can mean the world to someone else!

Merry Shitmas
- Tom

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