Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Announcement of this Year's Shitmas Contest Winners! (The Box of Shitmas, Scream Poster, and the Christmas Evil/Jack Frost Blu-rays!)

Here is the announcements of this year's Winners from the 3 Contests that were held during this year's Shitmas!

First up is "The Box of Shitmas" Giveaway which was put together by IconVsIcon.com's head honcho Jason Price, my buddy Garrett Sawaia, and myself!

The Winner of this Giveaway is Scarletjupiter from the comments section! Here's everything that's coming your way Scarlet . . .

3 Gift Cards totaling $75

4 Random Funko Mystery Minis

Not 1, Not 2, But 3 Copies of "Illegal Aliens" on  DVD

This Christmas Ornament that's supposed to be Rick Grimes 

Some Random Shit!!

Even More Random Shit!

There might be some more odds and ends that end up this before I mail it off to you, depends how much room is left in the box!

Up next is the Vinegar Syndrome's Releases of Jack Frost & Christmas Evil Blu-ray/DVD Giveaway and that was won by Twitter User @ASliceofIce

And Finally the Winner of the “Scream Poster” from Hoss Creative goes to Twitter Handle @HawkPapa84

Thanks again everyoneand with that Shitmas 2016 is Over! Catch you guys in 2017
- Tom

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