Saturday, November 5, 2016

Looking for Contributors/Guest Writters for Shitmas 2016!

There are few things that bum me out more then the days few after Halloween, we wait all year for for our favorite day to arrived and then it's over before you know it . . .
 But in the last couple years the end of Halloween has made way for the coming of "Shitmas" here at The Shit Movie Fest Blog!
Yeah I know that Halloween's body isn't even cold yet, but in order to get everything together in time for December, I gotta ask now who's in for a sixth helping of Shitmas?!?

So by now you may be wondering what this "Shitmas" thing is all about, well the best way I can describe it is once a year Friends of the Shit Movie Fest Page come together for all kind of different write-ups for the Holiday Season! There are Reviews or Lists about Holiday Movies, features on Old-school Toys, a few Giveaways/Contests such as The Box of Shitmas!

To Read All the "Ghost of Shitmas Past" From The Past Five Years Click These Links (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015!)

So if you are interested in participating this year please shoot me a message at either the Shit Movie Fest Facebook PAGE or via Email at
The aim is to have at least one new post up each day from the first of December until the 25th so I'd like to have a majority of the entries received by Wednesday November 30th (if possible, the earlier the better, but late is fine too if it’s something you are still working on or a movie not out yet!)
If we have more then 25 Submissions we will post 2 or 3 a on Certain Days During the Month, usually on Sat/Sunday!

So far here's who signed up the Sixth Helping of Shitmas and also their blog/websites!

001: From The Horrormovie BBQ, Chad Young has will be bringing us back to the early 90s with “The Baby Sitters Club Special Christmas”!
002: Icon vs Icon's Jason Price will be joining us once again with a post on “Uncle Nick” staring Brian Posehn!
003: "An Office Christmas Party Carol" is an original story Russell Hackett will be sharing with us!
004:  The "Boy Meets World" Episode "A Very Topanga Christmas" is Icon vs Icon's Dylan Lyles' pick for his Shitmas debut!
005: SMF's own Chris Gormley will be taking on 2005's "The Ice Harvest"!
006: Cinema Crazed's Felix Vasquez Jr. will be going us for a post on "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation"!
007: Stacy Still of StayStillReviews will back for Shitmas with a post about "Night of the Comet"!
008: Camera Viscera's Joey Gallimore has called dibs on the "Home for the Holidays"!
009: The Moon is a Dead World's Ryne Barber will joining us for another helping of Shitmas with a review of 2011's "Knifepoint"!
010: The Critical Outcast's Chris Beaumont will be making his Shitmas Debut with 1980's "Christmas Evil"!
011: Freddie Young of Full Moon Reviews will be on hand covering "The TMNT: We Wish You A Turtle's Christmas"!
012: Dakota Bibbs will be joining us with a write up on "Jingle All The Way"!
013: Hank Price of Icon vs Icon will be back for Shitmas this year with a post on "Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer"!
014: IvsI's Dolores Price will also return with a post on "It's A Wonderful Life"!
015: Patrick R. Young, writer of Bastard (2015) will be joining us with a post of the Best Horror Christmas TV Episodes!
016: Hunter Bush has a a review of "The Long Kiss Goodnight"!
017: Nathan Erdel will be making his Shitmas Debut.
018: Horror and Sons' Dustin Fallon will be returning this year with a post on "Alien Raiders"!

As Always Thanks Again For All Who Take Part in this, Shitmas wouldn't be possible without your Help and Support!

- Tom (SMF on Facebook) (SMF on Twitter) (SMF on Instagram)