Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Shitmas Hangover (Year 5’s Shitmas Wrap-up on The Acid Pop Cult Podcast!)

Well that’s it folks another year of Shitmas is in the bag! I want to thank everyone who was involved in helping make this 5th Edition of the Blogging Event a Huge Success!
Earlier this week I made a guest appearance on the Acid Pop Cult where I discuss each and every post that was featured this year, so check it out in this LINK or look up Acid Pop Cult on where ever you listen to your podcasts at!

Below are the LINKS to each post that was included in the year’s Shitmas as well as LINKS to each contributor Pages!

Day 01: "Koopa Klaus" (LINK) from Horror Movie BBQ!

Day 02: "A Cadaver Christmas" (LINK) from Greg Murdaugh of Cinema Slayer!

Day 03: ”Dark Angel" aka "I Come In Peace" (LINK) from Dustin Fallon of Horror and Sons!

Day 04: "The Christmas Toy" (LINK) from Kristy Locklin of!

Day 05: Ranking the guest stars on "Pee-wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special" (LINK) from Joanna Skrabala of!

Day 06: "Santa Claws" (LINK) from Johnny Skrabala of!

Day 07: "Gremlins" - The Drinking Game! (LINK) from Stacy Still of Stay Still Reviews!

Day 08: A Double Helping of 80s Horror TV X-Mas Episodes (LINK) from Manny Serrano of!

Day 09: "Eyes Wide Shut" (LINK) from Dolores Price

Day 10: "Rocky 4" (LINK) from Hank Price!

Day 11: "Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?" (LINK) from Ryne Barber of!

Day 12: "O' Christmas Pete"- A Very Merry Xmas From Nick Meece of! (LINK)

Day 13: Christmas Kiddie Matinees (LINK) from Missy Mazzaferro of Enchanted Kiddieland!

Day 14: "Go" (LINK) from Jason Price of Icon vs. Icon!

Day 15: "Maniac Cop 2" (LINK) from Joey Gallimore of!

Day 16: What "Misery" means to me by Psycho Chick Flicks' Tiffany Santiago (LINK)

Day 17: "Mickey's Christmas Carol" (LINK) from JP Wendel of Death Blog the Blog that Eats People!

Day 18: MST3K's "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" (LINK) from Gabriel Baron of!

Day 19: "John Denver’s Rocky Mountain Christmas" (LINK) from Chris Gormley! I'd also like to thanks Chris for his help with formating a lot of the posts from this month! Couldn't do it without you Man!

Day 19: A "Christmas Vacation" Activity Book! (LINK) from Chris Tanski of!

Day 20: YOU GET THE ROD! : THE RISE OF KRAMPUS (LINK) by Kristopher Triana of The!

Day 21: Stalag 17 (LINK) from Horror Sci-fiand More's Bucky Schuyler)

Day 22: Psych ~ “Christmas Joy” (LINK) from Acid Pop Cult's Jeremy L. Morrison!

Day 23: Deck the Deck with tapes for Christmas! (LINK) from Jules Brudek of Sticky-Boxes (and Gorehound Mike's)

Day 24: Rocky 5 (LINK) from Secondhand Terror's Chris Roberts!


Day 25: Invasion U.S.A. (LINK) from Icon vs Icon's Steve Johnson!

Day 25: Saving Christmas (LINK) by Tom Coombs Jr.

Thanks Again Everyone! Check back tomorrow for the announcement of our Shitmas Contest Winners!
- Tom

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  1. Great post, awesome that you have a podcast about it all, man, I gotta step up my proverbial game