Saturday, December 12, 2015

Spotlight on Series 2 of FUNKO's "Horror Classics" Vinyl Figures!

In the past here on the blog  I did a little spotlight on Wave One of the Funko Company's "Mystery Minis" Horror and Sci-Fi Figures. Well thanks to some luck and a couple good deals on ebay I have completed the Second Series of the Horror Classics and wanted to share with you today how truly awesome these little guys are!

(This is what the box art of the case looks like)

These are what one single figure box looks like. The one on the right is from Hot Topic and they have three exclusive figures  you can only pull from there (A Popcorn Eatting Gremlin, "Zombie" Ed and a Shitless Eric Draven)


H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu (The one on the left Glows in the Dark)

Poor David

The Ghost with The Most

Robert Smith of The Cure?

Big Frank

The Figure I Wanted Most!

Next Series need a Gizmo!

"Lead Cenobite"

The B&W Hitchcock was a nice touch!

You Got Red On You!

Can't Rain all the time . . .

Help Me! Help Meeeeee!

My favorite figure of the bunch!

Well that's it for Series 2 of the Horror Classic Line, in a lot of way this topped even the first wave and it makes me wonder who or what will be included next time around!

My Minis Collection for Now!

- Tom

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  1. That last photo is gorgeous. Making me reconsider not collecting these!