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"O' Christmas Pete" - A Very Merry Xmas From Nick Meece of!

Everyone, well, hopefully everyone, knows about the Halloween special from THE ADVENTURES OF PETE & PETE titled "Halloweenie," but did you know they also had a pretty damn cool Christmas episode the following season?

On December 14, 1995, the episode "O' Christmas Pete" aired -- and boy-oh-boy, was it a good one!

"O' Christmas Pete" revolves around Little Pete wanting to keep the Christmas spirit alive, even after December 25.  But there's a snag in the plan.  The evil garbage man is hell-bent on ending Christmas the second it's over.  And this is where the episode gets interesting -- especially looking back on it now.

The plot's pretty simple: Christmas is over and everyone's moving on -- except for Little Pete, that is.  The local garbage man gets off on trashing every household's Christmas tree.  And when he gets to the Wrigley's and sees that their tree is still lit up in the house, he becomes enraged.

This episode was clearly the inspiration for the Nickelodeon movie SNOW DAY (which was originally pitched as a PETE & PETE movie, by the way).  Many comparisons can be drawn between the garbage man here and the snow plow man in SNOW DAY.

Now this Christmas episode is far from perfect, unlike "Halloweenie," which is gold from start to finish.  "O' Christmas Pete" gets a little hokey at times (a boxing match between the garbage man and Santa Claus), but it means well. 

The third season of PETE & PETE was by far the weakest of the series' run, but this episode was a high point.  And although season three lacked some of the raw grittiness that the earlier seasons had, the character of the garbage man called back to that time -- and it was a thing of beauty.

My biggest complaint with this episode is that Little Pete shows a little too much of his soft side.  Unlike the Little Pete we came to know, who showed no mercy.  But where Little Pete lacks, the garbage man totally makes up for it...a cold, heartless son-of-a-bitch who gives zero fucks.

And I mentioned the similarities between the garbage man and the snow plow man...well, hell, they even have similar looks.

Garbage man...

And snow plow man...

SNOW DAY (2000)
But unlike in SNOW DAY, where the villain is defeated, in "O' Christmas Pete," the villain is converted, much like The Grinch.

So it's a happy ending for all.  And Little Pete finally caves in and accepts that Christmas only needs to come once a year. 

Hopefully you've seen this episode, but if not, put it on your list of Christmas shows to watch, even if it's just once.

I'll end this with the insanely awesome song written for the show and the introduction of the garbage man!

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