Monday, December 7, 2015

"Gremlins" - The Drinking Game! (A 25 Days of Shitmas Post) from Stacy Still of StayStillReviews!

Gremlins - The drinking game.

Everyone loves the 1984 Christmas creature classic Gremlins. It's not a typical holiday film, but still is a staple for most of us every December. I personally watch it more times than I can count year round, but just something about viewing this Joe Dante gem with a couple of drinks makes the complete experience just so much better. For this year's Shitmas, I decided to state the rules of my very own personal Gremlins drinking game and guess what? There aren't just 3! So get 4lokos and beers ready. Let's do this!

Drink when…
The rules of caring for Mogwais are mentioned.
When one of Billy's dad's inventions shit the bed.
When anyone mentions Christmas. 
Anyone signs (Humans, Gizmo, or gremlins)
Everytime you see Christmas lights.

Take a shot when…
Mr. Futterman complains about something.
Gizmo freaks out due to bright lights.
Anyone watches a movie or TV.

Chug when…
When Gizmo drives the toy car.
The Gremlins eat the chicken legs. 

Beer staffing
One beer - Human
Two beers - Mogwais
Three beers - Gizmo
Four beers - Gremlin
Five beers - Spike
Six beers - Dick Miller
Seven beers - Billy
Eight beers - Mr. Clamp
Anything onward, go puke in the sink, pass out, wake up…drink some egg nog. 

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