Sunday, December 27, 2015

Announcement of this Year's Shitmas Contest Winners! (The Box of Shitmas, Krampus Giveaway, and the "Naughty or Nice" Sticker!)

Here is the announcements of this year's Winners of the 3 Shitmas Contests that were held this year!

First up is "The Box of Shitmas" Giveaway which was put together by myself and's head honcho Jason Price!

The Winner of this Giveaway is Paul Andolina! Here's everything that's coming your way Paul . . .

7 Copies of "Illegal Aliens" staring Anna Nicole Smith and Chyna of "WWE" Fame!

A $25 Giftcard to use at Fandango, $15 for Barns & Noble, and $25 to use at

A box of "Holiday Ugly Sweater Cookies" from STARBUCKS

An assortment of Mystery Vinyl Toys (Garbage Pail Kids, Funko WWE, Lego Halloween Series, Funko Horror Classic Series 2 from Hot Topic, and a Marvel Secret Wars bobble!)

Shredder Sunglasses 

Funko ReAction Figures of Ash (Alien) & Gus (Breaking Bad)

Chris Angel Book and Hat

Elf Ears, Tetris stickers, Brain Darts, and a piece of film from Star Wars

The Final Girls on DVD and a car from Supernatural 

A Hobbit Pen, Chiller Brain and more

Plus all the Books, DVDs, Blu-rays and CDs, that are below:

Enjoy Paul!

Ok now on to the second giveaway that was held here during the month, that being the "Very Krampus" Giveaway! And the winner of that contest is (Insert name)

Twitter Handle @ScreamingSoup1 will be receiving the official Krampus Movie Tie-in Comic Book "Krampus: Shadow of Saint Nicholas", a Krampus Christmas Ornament, and the movie "Krampus: The Christmas Devil" on DVD!

And our final giveaway for Shitmas was the "Naughty or Nice" Giveaway that I teamed up with for!

Twitter Handle @HorrorByProxy is the Winner of this prize and will being sent a sticker of the Killer "Larry Drake" Santa sthat Chuck whipped up along with the first season of "Tales from the Crypt" that features the episode "All Through The House"!

Well there you have folks, thanks for everyone who entered and help spread the word on these three contests! Also a Very Special thanks to Jason Price and Charles Moran for your generosity! 

That just about wraps up this year's Shitmas! Catch you guys in 2016!

- Tom 

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