Sunday, November 1, 2015

Looking for Contributors/Guest Writters for Shitmas 2015!

(Banner via Christine Larsen)

There are few things that bum me out more then the days right after Halloween, we wait all year for for our favorite day to arrived and then it's over before you know it . . .
 But in the last couple years the end of Halloween has made way for the coming of "Shitmas" here at! Yeah I know that Halloween's body isn't even cold yet, but in order to get everything together in time for December, I gotta ask now who's in for a fifth helping of Shitmas?!?

So by now you may be wondering what actually this "Shitmas" thing is all about, well the best way I can describe it is once a year some of the best writers in the Horror Blogging Community and Friends of the SMF Page come together to do all kind of write-ups for the Holiday Season! There are Reviews or Lists about Holiday Movies, features on Old-school Toys, a few Giveaways/Contests, etc.
Read All the "Ghost of Shitmas Past" Right Here (2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014)

So if you are interested in participating this year pleaseshoot me a message at either the Shit Movie Fest Facebook Page or via Email at
The aim is to have at least one new post up each day from the first of December until the 25th so I'd like to have a majority of the entries received by Saturday November 28th (if possible, late is fine too!)
If we have more then 25 Submissions we will post 2 or 3 a on Certain Days During the month!