Thursday, October 1, 2015

Remembering “If It Were Stine”!

With the “Goosebumps” movie hitting theaters in a couple weeks, I thought it was a good time to revisit in my opinion one of the coolest projects that hit the Horror Community in the past few years!
It was called “If It Were Stine” and the idea was to take pre-existing Classic Horror Movies and reimagined them as books that would have been written by R.L. Stine!

The Artist was Theodore Holmstead-Scott and together with Jude Deluca (whom would do the all the blurbs) would create mock covers in the classic “Goosebumps” style fans around the world fondly remember from their youth! What I loved most about these “Books” were the  names they gave each movies, for example instead of just calling it “A Nightmare on Elm Street” they opt for the very Stine-like title “The Man of My Dreams” . . .

Below you will some of my favorites “If It Were Stine” covers that were created by these very talented artists . . .


Dark Night of the Scarecrow

Fright Night

Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

Hocus Pocus

Jurassic Park



Terror Train


Sadly the duo ceased making new covers over a year ago but all their art still lives on at the "If It Were Stine" Facebook Page!

So what of the collection was your favorite? What are some movie that you wish would have given covers? Sound Off in the Comments!

- Tom
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