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How I Spent My Halloween Season in 31 Pictures!!! (2015)

I did something similar to this last year on the blog where I posted 31 Pictures of how I spent my Halloween Season (see Post) and thought why not do a sequel showing what I was up to this year!

"He Who Walks Behind The Rows . . ." 
We start things off with this picture of me in front of a cornfield while wearing Fright-Rags's "The Children of the Corn" shirt! This pic was taken not far from my Pop's Cabin up the Mountains a great  place to kick off the Fall Season!

Early in September I went to go go see M. Night's latest "The Visit" and was highly entertained! 
To be honest going in I was expecting much of this one but it ended up being very enjoyable and something I will defiantly pick up on Blu-ray when it comes out! 

When the Pope came visit Philly during September I got some time off from work, one of those days I made a trip to New York City to take in some sights . . .

Rumor has it that the Toy r' Us in Times Square will be closing at Year's End so I made sure to visit the T-Rex one last time! 

I also met some very special guests while there!

At The Monster Mania Con I met actor George Wilbur who played Michael Myers in Halloween 4 & 6! Those are two sequels in the Halloween series I absolutely love and George's portrayal of "The Shape" is a big reason for that! Mr. Wilbur was a joy to meet and I look forward to seeing him someday at another Horror Con! 

Speaking of Halloween 4 . . .

In early October, The Colonial Theatre ran a Double Feature of Halloween 4 and 5 as part of their First Friday Fright Night Program! I made a night of it and stayed down the street at the Theatre! 

My friend Nikki came to the screening dressed as young "Jamie Lloyd"!

Here's the Event Poster from Artist Chris Garofalo (of Quiltface Studios) which we also ran as a Giveaway here at the blog this month!

No weekend stay in Phoniexville would be complete with out a trip to nearby ZERNS!
Zerns is a Dirt Mall located in Gilbertsville, PA that I have been going to for close to 10 years now. I usually always come home with or take pictures of some crazy stuff while visiting but sadly this place really feels like it's on it's last legs. A lot of empty seller spots this time around and people pricing their items way more then they are worth! I hope this place can make a turn around  before it's too late!

Keeping up with the theme of the Halloween Series I met Season of the Witch actor Tom Atkins once again at Monster Mania Maryland . . .

I been going to Horror Cons for awhile now and there is no Guest I could recommend meeting more then Tom Atkins! Besides being by far the most personable and funny guest at the Monster-Mania Convention that weekend, Tom still only charges $20 for a Signature and Photos are free!


The price of signatures at the Horror Cons over the years have gotten beyond insane! It's gotten to the point where most times I skip meeting any one at all at these things . . . but this Dude is a bona fide Living Legend in the Horror Genre for $20 . . . not some smuck from an episode of "The Walking Dead" who would charge you twice that price just breath the same air as them and $80 for the privilege of getting a picture! 

Also at Monster Mania Maryland I ran into a guy cosplaying as "Kolchack: The Night Stalker"!
First time I ever seen anyone dress as him and had to get a picture!

Speaking of Cosplaying and Dressing Up. . .
I decided a few months back who I was going to go as for my friends Nick & Nikki's Annual Halloween Party! I picked "Jesse Walsh" as played by actor Mark Patton in "A Nightmare on Elm Street 2"! 
I especially went for his EPIC Room Cleaning Dance Scene! (All Night Long!)
"How Do You Like That Dad?"

This was a was relatively cheap costume to put together, I found just about everything I needed to make it work on ebay!

Mark Patton Approved!

Here's a Group Shot of the Party

And here's my buddy Sick Nick channeling is best Evil Ed from Fright Night Part 2
"Mmmmmm mmm! His dinner... is in the oven !"

On Episode 165 of the Acid Pop Cult Podcast I discus my favorite Halloween Related Movies with Jason Price (of
This episode was a lot of fun to do and already received some solid feedback from the listeners!

Last weekend I made the Trip to Northern New Jersey for Chiller Theater and had a Blast Hanging with friends and meeting a few of the guests at the show!

9 times out of 10 we hit the Blairstown Diner before going to the show!
Great food and a lot of atmosphere at this place which featured in the first "Friday the 13th" Movie!

Inside they a pretty cool "Little Shops of Horrors" inspired pumpkin!

Me with Steve, Jason, and Tiff (who runs Psycho Chick Flicks)

Tiff, Chris (aka Critical Outcast), me, Garrett, and Mike

Herschel Gordon Lewis aka The Godfather of Gore!

Actor Paul Ehlers who played Madmas Marz in 1982 Slasher!
Poster via Grey Matter Art!

The Lost Boy's Sexxy Sax Man Tim Capello!
Tim was awesome to meet and yes I Still Believe!

Started collecting Series 2 of the Horror Classics Mystery Minis!
I was so happy to get the Gillman right off the bat!

Ran into some Wet Bandits! 

And a girl dressed like Enid from "Ghost World"!

Added to my Japanese Movie Programs Collection!

Has an amazing time at the Flyers Game with my friends Geff and Julia!

Spent some time relaxing and watching lots of Horror Flicks with my favorite Furry Friend Dexter!

I didn't get around to trying the Halloween Whopper from BK but I did have a "Frappula" from Starbucks and hope they bring this one back next year so good!

This post started with me standing in a cornfield and ends with this . . .
"He Who Shits Behind The Rows . . ."
Spotted this John outside of a cornfield in Quakertown, PA!

Any way that does it for my "Halloween Season in 31 Pictures" post (I think I may have sneaked a few extra in shhhhhh) thanks for reading and very special thanks for everyone who was part of it!

- Tom
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