Thursday, October 1, 2015

A little Halloween Edition of Thursday Throwback!

To kick off the Halloween Season here’s two pictures yours truly from the early 80s!

The picture of me on the left was taken in 1985 when I went as a Black Cat!
I couldn’t find any pics from when I was one or two, so I don’t what (if anything) I went out as those particular years, but I do sorta remember rocking this Cat costume for some reason!

The picture on the right (with me trowing down some throwing down some gangster signs for some reason) was taken outside my old neighbor Jack’s house! I have very fond memories of this Pumpkin Man when I was a kid and he was in many ways the the Neighborhood’s unofficial herald of the Halloween Season! When he would appear at the start of each October the rest of the houses on the street would take note and start putting out their decorations as well!

- Tom
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1 comment:

  1. Awesome photos! Pumpkin-headed scarecrows (or whatever they're called) were always my favorite. Does the one in your photo have pajama pants on? Ours always wore a bucket hat too!