Friday, May 29, 2015

8 Killer Horror Themed Metal Bands

Horror films and metal music are like peanut butter and ice cream; two great things that go great together...and should be used to get your dog to lick your balls. Ever since Black Sabbath named themselves after a Mario Bava movie the connection between horror and metal has been undeniable. The great death metal bands conjure horror movie gore with their lyrics, and hundreds of underground acts blatantly steal horror poster imagery for their flyers and promotional material.

Below are some lesser known, but FUCKING BRUTAL bands that make horror films their religion. Most are of the extreme variety so clean singing allowed. Enjoy.


I don't know much about these guys. I do know they're a death/grind outfit from Spain (that might explain their broken English), and they LOVE Italian gore movies. I think that's all I need to know.


Axeslasher are a thrash band who only care about two things, slasher movies and pizza. Their moniker, "Eat pizza, worship Satan." Good enough for me.


I also don't know dick about Acid Witch, but with songs like Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre and Witchtanic Hellucinations what's not to love. Stoner, doom horror metal at its witchiest!


I first heard about Necrophagia in the early 2000s. Phil Anselmo from Pantera joined the band for a short period. He produced an album plus a short movie based on the darkest and weirdest horror films from the 70s and 80s. The 30 minute movie was a compilation of music videos tied together with the band "murdering" people. It had the warped and lo-res quality of a VHS bootleg and I loved it. You can find the whole thing on youtube. Below is the Cannibal Holocaust portion. I recently rediscovered them on Spotify with their Charlie Manson concept album Deathtrip '69. It fucking rips.


Hooded Menace are a Tombs of the Blind Dead themed metal band. Fortunately, they are the best Tombs of the Blind Dead themed metal band. Unfortunately, they are the only Tombs of the Blind Dead themed metal band. They play death/doom, so their music is appropriately cheerful. It goes along beautifully with the nightmarish visuals of Amando de Ossorio's "Templar Knights eat Euro Lesbians" masterpiece.


Troglodyte call themselves neandercore. They write about one thing, killer Sasquatch, and the many ways Sasquatch can rip, rape and generally maim a person (usually a lady). Don't believe me? Let's examine their song titles:
Murderous Bi-Pedal Hominid Rampage (Where Are My Legs?)
Hit by the Hendersons
Skunk Ape Rape: The Rapture
Cro-Magnum Force

Artist: Shadman 

Ghoul's sound is dirty, ugly punk inspired metal. The entire band wears bloody burlap sacks on their heads like a group of rabid Jason Vorhees clones. As hard as they sound there is a bit of fun and playfulness in their music. Sometimes, even some surf guitar. GASP! Listen to their album Splatter Thrash, crank it to 11 while driving your shitty pickup truck. Just make sure the bodies don't fall out the back.


OK. So Municipal Waste isn't exactly a "lesser known" band, but they NEED to be included on this list. The band's love for Troma, 80s horror and dripping, radioactive mutants make these "party thrashers" the premier horror metal band. Their inventive videos always have cheesy gore effects without looks cheap. Now, these guys are in a million different side bands. I just hope they keep making records for years to come.

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