Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spotlight on Cavity Colors' "The Deadly Desserts" Series!

Aron of Cavity Colors is an artist who's work I can't get enough of! What I enjoy most about Aron's art (and what really makes him stand out imo) is the way he puts interesting spins on Horror Icons! Take for instance his "The Deadly Desserts" art series posted below, I love the playfulness and bright colors he uses to brings these characters to life instead of going the typical dark and brooding route other artists often do!

"Bad Taste"

"C.H.U.D. Cone"

"Freddy 2 Scoops" 


"Sweet Skeletor"

"The Blob Pie"

"Tasty Thing"


"Cake Pop Sam"

If you liked what you seen in this post be sure to check Cavity Colors out of the following Social Media Haunts to keep up to date with all his new pieces and projects he's working on!

- Tom
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