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Everything Except Shoes! (My Collection of "Freaked" Movie Merchandise)

(Art via Electric Zombie)

I'll never forget how I first discovered the 1993 Cult Classic known as "Freaked"! I was 13, channel surfing for something to cool watch (preferably something that had Boobs in it) and settled on a movie that was already in progress on one of the premium movie channels. I had no clue what the name of the movie I was watching, but soon became in awe of the antics of a crazy Sock Man, two Rastafarian Eyeballs shooting off machine guns, and wondering what heck Mr. T was doing in a Dress! After finding out what the title of this bizarre movie was I made sure to have a blank VHS tape handy for the next airing of "Freaked"! I also soon found out that quite a few of my class mates in Grade School were also fans of this movie and it became something we would talk about frequently in our recess conversations with the likes of WWF, Beavis and Butt-Head, Mortal Kombat, and POGs (oh the 90s!)

It's been over 20 Years since that first viewing, but Freaked still remains one of my favorite B-movies and something that I always try to introduce new fans to! In fact I ended up featuring it a Shit Movie Fest Party a few years back it was happy to see it went over extremely well with the crowd!

(FREAKED Movie Trailer)

Any way without further adieu below are some "Freaked" items I'm proud to have in my Horror/B-Movie Collection! 

Freaks . . . That What They Call Them!

Standing at 9 inches tall each these "Freaked" Toys were manufactured by a company named "Out of Character" and were exclusive to Suncoast Video stores! 4 different figures were made in total (Ricky Coogin, Cowboy, Julie/Ernie, and Ortiz the Dog Boy) but they really weren't popular sellers sadly and were left for dead in the clearance bin! Now they go for about $25 Each on Ebay if you are lucky enough to find them on there that is! I had Ricky and Ortiz for a couple years now, but it wasn't until recently that I finally was able to add Cowboy and JulieErnie to the collection!

Freaked on DVD:

I was elated when this movie got a DVD release back in 2005 and even better the thing is jammed packed with special features including deleted scenes and a very informative audio commentary from Alex Winter and Tom Stern! When I meet Alex at Chiller (circa 2011) he was kind enough to sign the movie's cover for me! 

Freaked on VHS:

Even though I already had the movie on DVD, I still snatched it up on VHS when I found it for sale a few years back for only a dollar at BLOBFEST

The Movie Tie-in Book:

Released by a company named BDD Special, this 88 Page Book (including 8 pages of Full Color Stills from the Movie) was written by author Todd Strasser. Reading Mr. Strasser's Bio in the back also listed him as the writer for numerous early 90s movie novelizations including "Home Alone", "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York", "Honey, I Blew Up the Kid", and "The Super Mario Brothers"!

Freaked on the cover of Fangoria's Horror Spectacular #9 from January 1994:

This was gift given to me from my friend Anthony! Besides having a great article on "Freaked" inside, theres also a mini poster of Melinda Clarke inside as her iconic role of "Julie Walker" in "Return of the Living Dead III"!

The Freaked Comic Book from Hamilton Comics:

The Official Comic for Freaked is a fun read but a lot of what makes the movie great was cut out of the book in order to fit it all in the confines of 22 pages. For instance Skye Daley or her talk show is nowhere to be found and there's less Stuey Gluck, but oddly it does also includes some "Freaks" that weren't featured in the film such as "Three Men and a Baby"!

Also the characters look somewhat different then their movie counterparts and there tons of cameo appearance throughout the book!

And last but not least in my "Freaked Collection" is a very noisy styrofoam cup ;)

Well I hope you enjoyed this post about my love for this very crazy movie and please feel free it share it around, but remember to steer clear of the Zygrot 24!

(Art via Frank Browning)

- Tom
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