Friday, April 3, 2015

Enter to Win a "Videodrome" Poster from artist Chris Garofalo (of Quiltface Studios)

Tonight a rare 35mm Screening of David Cronenberg's Sci-Fi Masterpiece "Videodrome" will be taking place at the Legendary Colonial Theatre!

The art you see above was made exclusivity for this Special Event by artist Chris Garofalo (aka Quiltface Studios) and being that "Videodrome" is in my Top 3 Films ever made I already got one of these bad boys on reserve for myself, but have no fear because I will also be grabbing an extra poster for this latest SMF Giveaway!

So if would you like to add Chris' artwork to your home or office but couldn't make it out to the theater, here is your chance to Win one! To Enter Just Answer the Question below and follow the Simple Contest Rules As Well:

First I ask for you to please LIKE the Quiltface Studios FaceBook Page which can be found right (HERE)
After doing that come on back to this Contest Page and in the comment section pitch a show concept that Max Renn would air on CIVIC-TV!

The Deadline of  this giveaway is Midnight May 1st!
All entries will be given a Number and a Winner will be picked out using the Quick Random Number Generator App on my phone, so best of luck and Long live the new flesh!

* For Bonus Chances To Win *

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- Tom
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  1. Max Renn would run a show that would essentially be American Gladiators but the arena would be full of Saw-esque traps.

  2. Contestants on a new game show sign over their former realities to incorporate their identities with a broadcasted reality dictated by a home audience. The entities exist as broadcasted images on a single set. Each week a new contestant is added. The working title, Rats in a Cage.

  3. Max Renn would broadcast a show where star-crazed contestants perform outrageously dangerous or gross stunts for the opportunity to win one of a kind celebrity memorabilia.

  4. Renn would broadcast a show where contestants compete with one another to prove who is the most disgusting and depraved. Think Pink Flamingos meets Fear Factor. But there is no prize other than winning the title of Filthiest Person Alive for one week and a fleeting 15 minutes of fame.

  5. A show where you sit between a mirror and the tv. On the screen random people bring a knife down over and over. As you look into the mirror it looks as if the knife is being driven into you. It's called "virtual haircut"

  6. Renn should make alive action spawn show that stays pretty true to the comics and a little dark like the dark knight trilogy

  7. I'll have the Winner up later this evening! Thanks Everyone for taking part in theis.

    1. Facebook User Dustin Nichols was the Winner and has been contacted