Saturday, March 28, 2015

SMF's Weekly ShartOuts (March 8th - March 28th

Banner Art via Jason Price of IconVsIcon & Acid Pop Cult!

Sorry for the lack of ShartOut the last two weeks, didn't get to doing one two weeks ago because I was at Monster Mania and last week the Weather was just too nice not to spend time outside outside and as far away from the laptop! But any way the Sharts are back in full effect this weekend so without  further adieu let's let them out . . .

01:  Tim Capello, who's best know as the (Sexy) Saxophone Guy in "The Lost Boys" has made his much much anticipated debut on the Horror Con Circuit! His first stop was at this weekend's Mad Monster Party and my friend Garrett who's attending the show was nice enough to get an 8x10 signed for me!

To Tom "I Still Believe!"

02: Jeremy L. Morrison of the the podcast Acid Pop Cult put together a killer list two weeks ago to celebrate the Friday the 13th Holiday by sharing in his opinion the The Top 12 Boobies of "Friday the 13th" Series!

03: If you haven't noticed by now Kate Davis (Facebook) is one of my favorite artist in the Horror Scene and her recent paining of "Beverly Sutphin" from the John Waters Cult Classic "Serial Mom" might be my favorite thing she's done to date!


04: Unless you been living udder a rock I'm sure you been seeing a lot of people talking about the new Horror Flick "It Follows"!

I myself have yet to see the movie but here a a few reviews from some of my favorite Horror Writers who took in the movie already! Have you seen the movie, if so feel free to sound off in the comments and let us know what you thought!

4A: CameraViscera's (Review)
4B: John Squires/Freddy in Space's (Review)
4C: Doc Terror /HorrorSexy's (Review)
4D: Josh Soriano/Icons of Fright's (Review)

05:  Chris Garofalo aka QuiltfaceStudios dropped this BadAss "Videodrome" poster that he did for The Colonial Theatre upcoming screening on the movie on April 3rd!

Videodrome is my favorite Sci-fi flick ever made so I can't wait to add this art to my wall!

06: When you think about it it's crazy the amount of 80s and 90s movies that ended up getting Trading Cards dedicated to them! Over at Dinosaur Dracula did a cool little feature on such Trading Cards!

Check out that post right HERE!

07: It's WrestleMania Weekend so that means that Kyle of Electric Zombie released some Insanely Cool Wrestling Related Products on his site!

That Robocop  made in the style of the classic WWF Wrestling Buddies is one of the coolest things I've seen in quite some time!

08: over at, Jason caught up with  Joe Hahn of Linkin Park fame! Joe has just made his directorial debut with the movie "Mall"!

("Mall" Trailer)

You can read that interview in full right HERE!

09: And finally I had a blast at Monster Mania a couple weeks back and came home with some neat stuff, didn't really have enough to report about it do a proper recap like I use to so I'll just share a picture of me meeting Judge Reinhold!

Judge was pleasure to meet that weekend and I got him to sign my vas copy of the 80s flick "Vice Versa"! That movie was a childhood favorite of mine and never in a million years did I ever think I would actually meet the star from it!

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