Saturday, March 7, 2015

SMF's Weekly ShartOuts (March 1st - March 7th)

Banner Art via Jason Price of IconVsIcon & Acid Pop Cult!

Welcome to this weeks edition of "SMF's ShartOuts"!  Since this time next week I will be attending the MonsterMania Con in New Jersey I tried to pack this post with some extra sharts just incase I don't get around to doing one until March 21st!

01: My first ShartOut goes to Scream Factory who share this picture of their upcoming "Class of 1984" Blu-ray Collector's Edition!

As many of you may know "Class of 1984" is my all-time favorite movie so this is a highly anticipated release for me! Scream Factory is still taking Pre-orders for it now right HERE, not only will you get the movie a few weeks early but you will also receive a poster of the box art!

02: Over at IconVsIcon, Jason interviewed Director Joe Lynch about his recent film "Everly", as well as some films Joe had a hand in making in the past including my personal favorite the incredible "Wrong Turn 2"!

You can read that interview in full at this interview right (HERE)

03: John Squires (aka Freddy in Space) brought this awesome looking documentary "Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau" to my attention over at Halloween Love!

The movie is currently on VOD and you can read John's review at this (HERE)

04: Gemini Collectibles are taking pre-orders on this exclusive Glow in the Dark Creature from Funko! I already have the standard version from last year but I can't help myself from also adding this one to my Creature Corner!
Pre-order you own Glow in the Dark Gillman right HERE!

05: Speaking of Glow in the Dark . . . Pizza Party Printing has re-released their Superdope "They Live" Poster!

 I'm looking forward to seeing the PPP Crew next weekend at MonsterMania!

06: On the latest episode of "Acid Pop Cult" Jason and Jeremy were discussing this "VHS Cover Art" book from Thomas Hodge aka The Dude Designs. This Book seen (HERE) looks stupendous and will no doubt make you yearn for just one more trip to your long gone Ma and Pa Video Store!

07: Filming for "American Exorcist" is now in the can, but their KickStarter is still up to cover some post production costs!

Check out some of the cool perks that remain and please donate or spread the word if you can!

08: Remember those "Little People" toys for Fisher Price when you were a kid? Well here's something really cool called "Kill People" from! So far the site had already done "Kill Peoples" for Jason and Myers, but oth sold-out with the quickness! I can't wait to see what's next from this STORE

09: I really enjoyed this tongue in cheek short fill called "Fish Friend" about a little girl and her bloodthirsty pet Piranha!

Watch it over at YOUTUBE

10: I want to give a ShartOut to the podcast "How Did This Get Made?" for constantly making me laugh!

I only started listening to them a few weeks ago but have since listen to about 20 of their show since that time! My favorites were "No Holds Barred", "Speed 2: Cruise Control", and "Jaws 4: The Revenge"!

11: I love throwbacks to 80s Slasher Films and this upcoming flick called "The Barn" has peaked my interest!
Check out the trailer over at Fangoria!

12: Below is a Sneak peak of two new shirts (featuring Basketcase and The Blob) that will Available at Cavity Colors on Friday, March 13th!

13: And for one last shartout check out these two Friday the 13th Posters from Quiltface Studios!

"Friday The 13th Anniversary" on the left and "Jason Lives" on the right. "Jason Lives" is the official screening poster for The Colonial Theatre Event 3/13, and both prints will be available at Monster Mania!

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  1. Just ordered the GITD POP! Creature! Already have the regular one and the metallic green one. See my comments in your "Creature Corner" post for more Creature stuff.

    1. Mike, I love you collection! Thanks for sharing. It's awesome that you still have the BK Meal Box (I forget what they call it since it's not a Happy Meal)

    2. Thanks, Tom! Those BK "Kids Club" boxes were only available in the UK. I just got one a few months back from ebay. There was a paper mask in the UK, too.