Sunday, March 22, 2015

A look at my "Brainscan" collection!

1994's "Brainscan" is a movie I've fell in love with from the first time I rented it from my local video store!  Thanks to movie like "T2", "Pet Sematary 2" and his appearance in Aerosmith's "Livin' on the Edge" I already thought it's star Edward Furlong was just about the coolest mofo ever and the movie "Brainsan" only help cemented that belief"! The premise of a teenage loner who loved Horror Flicks, Violent Video Games, and Rock Music was just as easy to relate to when I was 12 as it is now at age 32! Of course for a 90s Horror movie mostly about technology it feels beyond dated now there's a lot about this movie still holds up really well in my opinion! For example the score to this flick is truly haunting, the time spent inside the video game world are clever & surreal, and also the main antagonist of the flick known only as "The Trickster" is a character who never outstayed his welcome and one you'd like to know more about if there was ever a follow up! And hopefully there will be a "Branscan 2" some day, but whomever makes it better include "Igor"!

"YES Master!"

 Below are pictures of my mini "Brainscan" collection, including some pics of a sweet Japanese movie program I just recently purchased from eBay!

(Front Cover of the Program from Japan)

(The Movie Program's Back Cover)

"The Trickster" was featured on the cover of Fangoria  Issue #132 which is fitting considering how much the magazine played a part in the movie!

The movie on both DVD and my old VHS tape from when I was a kid!

I got the DVD singed by Edward Furlong! (more on that later)

Below are Two Promo Pins for the movie, the one on the left is a hologram!

Next is the killer soundtrack that was featured in the movie! I found the tape (still unopened) on ebay for a dollar so I picked that up as well!

And finally below is a picture of me and "Michael Brower". I wish I could say it was pleasant meeting him, but the whole time I was talking to Mr. Furlong he was too preoccupied staring down all the dudes in line talking and getting photos with his then girlfriend Monica Keena lol

Meeting Edward Furlong at Monster Mania (August 2011)

- Tom (SMF on Tumblr; Page ran by Chris Gormley)


  1. Awesome amazing collection, one of my all time favorite films. I saw it in the theater 6 times. I hope one day they will do something like a 3-disc special edition, with soundtrack included. One can hope.

  2. I'm a sucker for the foreign stuff. Love the Japanese movie program. Keep the collection going! But, maybe keep Ed Furlong at a distance? The dude got rough looking, hah!

  3. Whoa! What happened to Furlong!

    Wasn't "The Trickster" a nemesis of "The Flash"?