Saturday, March 28, 2015

SMF's Weekly ShartOuts (March 8th - March 28th

Banner Art via Jason Price of IconVsIcon & Acid Pop Cult!

Sorry for the lack of ShartOut the last two weeks, didn't get to doing one two weeks ago because I was at Monster Mania and last week the Weather was just too nice not to spend time outside outside and as far away from the laptop! But any way the Sharts are back in full effect this weekend so without  further adieu let's let them out . . .

01:  Tim Capello, who's best know as the (Sexy) Saxophone Guy in "The Lost Boys" has made his much much anticipated debut on the Horror Con Circuit! His first stop was at this weekend's Mad Monster Party and my friend Garrett who's attending the show was nice enough to get an 8x10 signed for me!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A look at my "Brainscan" collection!

1994's "Brainscan" is a movie I've fell in love with from the first time I rented it from my local video store!  Thanks to movie like "T2", "Pet Sematary 2" and his appearance in Aerosmith's "Livin' on the Edge" I already thought it's star Edward Furlong was just about the coolest mofo ever and the movie "Brainsan" only help cemented that belief"! The premise of a teenage loner who loved Horror Flicks, Violent Video Games, and Rock Music was just as easy to relate to when I was 12 as it is now at age 32! Of course for a 90s Horror movie mostly about technology it feels beyond dated now there's a lot about this movie still holds up really well in my opinion! For example the score to this flick is truly haunting, the time spent inside the video game world are clever & surreal, and also the main antagonist of the flick known only as "The Trickster" is a character who never outstayed his welcome and one you'd like to know more about if there was ever a follow up! And hopefully there will be a "Branscan 2" some day, but whomever makes it better include "Igor"!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

SMF's Weekly ShartOuts (March 1st - March 7th)

Banner Art via Jason Price of IconVsIcon & Acid Pop Cult!

Welcome to this weeks edition of "SMF's ShartOuts"!  Since this time next week I will be attending the MonsterMania Con in New Jersey I tried to pack this post with some extra sharts just incase I don't get around to doing one until March 21st!

01: My first ShartOut goes to Scream Factory who share this picture of their upcoming "Class of 1984" Blu-ray Collector's Edition!

As many of you may know "Class of 1984" is my all-time favorite movie so this is a highly anticipated release for me! Scream Factory is still taking Pre-orders for it now right HERE, not only will you get the movie a few weeks early but you will also receive a poster of the box art!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Five Favorite Movies from Cannon Pictures!

If you were a diehard action movie fan growing up in the 80s there's no doubt that you went to the theaters to see or rented a film from The Cannon Group! In the decade of excess Cannon cornered the market for B-movies featuring over the top violence, rapid drug use, uninhibited sex, and teens trying to stop the Demolition of the Community Recreation Center through Dance! Below are my top five favorite films released via Cannon Pictures durring the 80s . . .