Saturday, February 14, 2015

SMF's Weekly ShartOuts (February 8th - 14th)

Welcome to the Second Edition of SMF's "SharOuts", I hope everyone reading this is having a nice Weekend and Staying Warm!

 . . . Now Let's Get to some ShartOuts!

First I wanna welcome my friends over at the Acid Pop Cult Podcast back after a short hiatus!

Jeremy L. Morrison and Jason Price (also of Icon vs. Icon) were back in full swing last Thursday Night talking about where the Hell they been the last 4 months and also some of their best Horror Cons Stories from over the years! Download and give them a listen HERE!

To celebrate Friday The 13th Electric Zombie debuted some awesome Jason gear and posters over at his Webstore! I love that when most artists/sites only do merch for the earlier movies in the Franchise, Kyle always goes out of his way to give the whole series the love it deserves, case in point these two awesome "Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan" posters below:

Artist and Writer Kate Davis released this Phenomenal Twin Peaks "Black Lodge Cooper" Poster Print over at her ESTY Page!

Over at "Dinosaur Dracula", Matt unearthed this Majestic Video of Pee-wee Herman on Late Night with David Letterman talking about his Gremlins Collection!

Read that Post Right HERE!

If I was doing these ShartOuts on here a month back then surly this "Tremors" 25th Anniversary article that B.J. Colangelo (of Day of the Woman) wrote for Playboy would have been featured here!

BJ always knocked out of the park with this one, ICYMI read it right (HERE)

I shared here on the blog before my love for FUNKO's Vinyl Toys (POST) and this pictured of their planed Second Wave of Horror Minis has me Elated! I need them all RIGHT NOW, especially that Creature!

And Finally I wouldn't feel right about not sharing something Harry Warden related in this post since it is Valentine's Day after all! Below is one of my favorite pieces of Slasher Artwork featuring not only our Killer Coal Miner but also The Prowler!

From the Artist Richard Wells (
"A comissioned T-Shirt design I did last year for a Slasher movie double-bill of 'My Bloody Valentine' and 'The Prowler'. The only requirement was that I use no more than 3 colours (to go on a black shirt). With the connection between the films being Valentines / jilted love, a bloody broken heart seemed the obvious way to go, including illustrations of the killers from each film."

Thanks for reading everyone and please show some Love to all the artists and writers showcased in this weekly feature!

- Tom (SMF on Facebook) (SMF on Twitter) (SMF on Instagram) (SMF on Tumblr; Page ran by Chris Gormley)

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