Saturday, February 21, 2015

SMF's Weekly ShartOuts (February 15th - 21st)

Welcome to this week's edition of SMF's ShartOuts! I got a lot to cover this time around including an Interview with a Living Legend of Cinema, some Great Cult Movie Art, and also my very own Horror Movie debut!!!

Over at Icon Vs Icon my good friend Jason Price has up a very informative interview with Cult Movie Icon Lance Henriksen!
Jay and Lance talk about all kinds of things including his career longevity and some advice for younger actors! You Can Read That Interview Right "HERE!"

My friend Kate Davis has been killing it with her art postings as of late! Last week I shared on here Kate's "Twin Peaks" Painting and I felt the need to feature her again this week because of how awesome her latest portrait of actress Geretta Geretta as  "Rosemary" in "Demons is"!

Over at the Halloween Love blog, John Squires takes a look at some early horror film roles from the 2015 Oscar Nominees! 
You can read that post right HERE!

 This past Monday Legendary Singer Leslie Gore Passed Away. The reason I mention this is because Leslie's music appeared in a lot of great movies over the years including "Hairspray", "Problem Child", "Waxwork"! Her most popular song "You Don't Own Me" set the tone for the criminally underrated film "The Convent" when it played in the opening credits! 

When it comes to favorite Horror Series nothing tops Halloween for me and i loved that "Season of the Witch" art has been popping up more and more in the past few years as the film finally gains the accolades it deserves!
Artist Matt Ryan Tobin was commissioned by private individuals to do this stunning work you see below!

 If you know me or follow me on Twitter or Facebook you probably know my love for the show "Bar Rescue"! I've seen every episode multiple times and it is my must watch Show on Sunday Nights! So while I was watching Jeopardy last evening i was elated to see that Jon Taffer was part of a category on "Bar Science" . . . cause nobody knows more about Bar Science then John Taffer!!! Anyway I tweeted about Mr. Taffer's appearance and wouldn't you know it but Jon re-tweeted me! 

Here is another great Cult Movie Art Pieces that got posted this week! Artist Dan Mumford did this stylish "Puppet Master" for the Website Grey Matter Art!

I'm a big fan of the Puppet Master Series (well the first 5 movies anyway) and this has to be one of the best Puppet Master related artwork I've ever seen! Andre Toulon would be proud!

Last weekends "Toy Fair" announced a lot of great figures to look out for this year especially in the realm of Horror! 

John Squires got you covered on the best best Toy Fair had to offer  checkout  his recent post over at Halloween Love right HERE!

When it comes to Slashers getting represented in cotton, Chucky more often then not gets shortchanged! But fear not Chucky Lovers because Fright Rags (my favorite Horror Shits Company) announced a whole line of "Child's Play" Shirts hitting their site this coming Tuesday!

Read all about it in this LINK!

And Lastly ICYMI, this past Monday I visited the set of American Exorcist and even did some acting during the day while appearing as a "Monster Arm" in one of the key special effects scenes!

Read All About It on the blog right HERE!

Thanks For Reading This Week's ShartOut and please Support all the Sites and Artists mentioned in this week's Post!

- Tom (SMF on Tumblr; Page ran by Chris Gormley)

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