Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My day on the set of "American Exorcist"!

 "American Exorcist" is an Independent Horror Film currently filming in Philadelphia from directors Tony Trov & Johnny Zito. The duo (who previously made the Sorority Horror flick "Alpha Girls") invited me to to be part of their new movie as an Actor in a key special effects scene that was being shot on Monday and since I was off for President's Day I was more than happy more than happy to abide! I arrived to the building where the movie was being shot a little before 10 AM and seeing a lot of familiar faces of friends I've knows for years as soon I walked in the door helped calmed my nerves! The part I would be playing in the movie was that of a Monster who's arm grabs the movie's star Falon Joslyn  from under the floor as she's messing with an ouija board!

Around 11 AM I was sent to the Makeup and Special Effects Department to get my arm in Monster shape for before filming started! The crew working on me and the other five actors who would make up the scene included Steve Saturn (imdb), Lauren Palmer (imdb), Tanya Belfiiore (, Jade Raquel Figueroa (facebook), Rei and Daniel Cusimano ( Below is a few shots of my arm in different stages of makeup, the idea was to make my arm appear as if it was in a office fire and damn did the crew nail it!

I was the first to have their "Monster" Arm makeup done, so I was also the first to head off to the set for the morning! In order to achieve the effect of a group of arms coming from under the floor my good friend Kevin Gallagher (imdb) built a huge stage for us to lay underneath with the carpet on top of the stage matching that of the carpet used in prior setup shots. There were six holes spread out around the stage so each arm could pop up and grab Falon! My job was to grab Falon's right wrist while trying to pull her down below, the other five hands had a grip on her other arm, legs, hair, etc!

Since I spent as a good portion of my day under that stage with my fellow Monsters we quickly bounded over cornball pop songs off my phone with some sing-a-longs to kill the time!

I won't spoil the end result of the scene but after seeing some of the dailies throughout the day it's going to be Insane when it's all pieced together!  Being a life long fan of Horror Movies I was extremely happy to be able to take part in the making one and was without a doubt one of the cooler experiences I've had in recent times!
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- Tom (SMF on Tumblr; Page ran by Chris Gormley)

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