Saturday, January 17, 2015

Spotlight on FUNKO's "Science Fiction" Vinyl Figures!

A few month's ago I did a spotlight here on the blog for Funko's Series One of 
"Horror Classics Minis"! Since then the company has also released a Science Fiction counterpart of Mystery Minis! I didn't think it would be possible for Funko to top the Horror line, but I was wrong cause the Sci-fi series is even more amazing! 

Below is said series one of the Sci-fi Minis and also a picture of all my Funko Minis to date! 

This is the box you may see in stores, I bought the last four from a case at Hot Topic and the girl at the counter was nice enough to let me have this as well to go with my collection!

Here are the odds/chance of what figure that is in the box!

The company Loot Crate put out an exclusive "Mal" from "Firefly" mini!

Speaking of "Firefly" here is "Jayne" and the regular edition of "Malcolm"

The series put series had two Xenomorphs, one in black and the other in Metallic

E.T. and a "Mars Attacks" Martian

Judge "I Am The Law" Dredd

Metaluna Mutant from "This Island Earth"

Including a Stealth one in the middle!

Forbidden Planet's Robie the Robot

"Amock Time" Spock and Robocop

Two different "Tron" minis, the one on the lest glows in the dark and is my favorite from the series!

And finally "The Rocketeer" (The Hardest Figure to get in the Set) 

The Horror Sereis I shared on here before, can't wait until the Second Series drops! 

All My Minis together for a group shot!

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