Saturday, January 17, 2015

An updated post of my "Creature Corner"!

Since it's been over two years since I've last done an update post on my beloved "Creature Corner", I figured the time was right to showcase some new items I have acquired over the past two years, as well of better photos of some of the stuff I've already covered! I have been a fan of "The Gill-man" as far back as I can remember and every Horror Convention I goto I'm always coming home with something Creature related to add to my collection! 

Let's start things off with the movies since that's part of the reason of what made me a fan of the Gill-man in the first place . . .

The VHS tapes below were part of the collection when Universal re-released all the Universal Monster flicks, (also have Dracula, The Wolfman, The Mummy, and The Mummy's Hand from that set).
The top row is the 3 movies on DVD, the tape in the middle is one of the earlier Creature home video releases, and finally I have to Creature in Blu!

Next is without a doubt my favorite item in my collection!

This Creature was created by the Master Terry Cruikshank

The Detail to all of Terry's work was simply amazing!

Next up is a "She-Creature" I got off of Mike from Vampire Robots

Creature Boobs!

The new Pop "Creature" from Funko

A Creature SOAKY (Bath Toy) from the 60s!

Leo was always my least favorite of the 4 Turtles, but this just so happens to be one of my favorite figures in the whole  T.M.N.T.s Line!

REMCO's 80s Creature figure, the one on the left glows in the dar, the one on the right was given to me for Christmas last year from my buddy Jay of Icon vs Icon!

This past year Funko released a line of figures called "ReAction" that were a throwback to the REMCO toys I posted above this pick, pretty neat!

This "Ugly Doll" was gifted to me from my good friend Jen Squires!
Love this thing!

An old "Famous Monsters of Film Land" with the Creature on the cover!

To this day still one of the coolest Burger King Kids Club toys ever!

The fast food chain "Jack In the Box" also showed the Creature some love! 

Found this at the Blobfest one year, thing is pretty huge!

I was killing some time at a dollar/slightly more store near my for work one day and found this for sale inside for a five bucks! Total Bargain! 

A Creature Puzzle

Key Chain/Flashlight

One of those Big Head toys from the 90s

Not sure if this one was official or not, but cool none the less

One of the best figures of the Creature to come out in recent years from Diamond Select

John from Freddy in Space found the bigger of these two Creature inspired toys at a yard sale and got it for me, the thing smelled liked someone's basement and reeks beyond belief! Thanks again John ;) 

Another Creature offering from Funko

The greatest Drink Coaster ever!

Some Creature Halloween Cards

This doll was put out when Hasbro had the Universal licence,

This one jiggles!

Some Creature Cars

A "Swap Creature" toy from LEGO's Monster Fighters line

Some Gill-man magnets

A Creature and Wolfman MinMate

More magnets

Creature as a Skateboarder

"The Creature" from "The Nightmare before Christmas"! 

Shaking Head Monster!

Some String Lights!


A Creature bobble-head from Funko

This guy was made of clay, forget the name of the people I got this from but they always have a table at "Chiller"!

Gill-man Candle 

Some Creature Soap from Bastian's Boutique

A couple pics with Juile Adams (Kay) and Ricou Browning (The Creature in all underwater scenes!)

Signed figure from Juile!

Ricou had some many awesome pictures from the movie on his table!

A few stuffed Creatures . . .

That's my "Gill-son" got him off my friend Jed at Blobfest a few years back!

Awesome Creature art from Chris Kuchta

Another great piece of Creature art by D. Simon that was given to me for Christmas a couple years back from my friends Claire, Jeff, and Kat!

And the last item of my Creature collection is maybe the most bizarre Creature item I've ever seen . . .
The Above is from friend and local Philly artist Gregg Christie! Greg has a whole collection of weird Monster Porn Pieces (Check some more out HERE!)

Hope you enjoyed looking at all my Creature items, with Horror Convention season right around the corner I'm sure I'll be adding more this post in the coming months!

- Tom (SMF on Tumblr; Page ran by Chris Gormley)


  1. Oh man, that's killer. I didnt even know Reaction did a glow Creature.

    I've been working on my Creature Corner as well. Unfortunately most of my Gilmen are in storage in GA. But what I've been able to collect in the last few years is out here and on display.

    1. Thanks Rob, I'd see a pic of you your collection. Shoot me a message at if you want

  2. Really enjoyed looking at your Creature collection! That Terry Cruikshank Creature is pretty cool! I see he has 2 others on his site. The little Creature laying in the water shoots discs and came in a box of cereal (or some kind of food) from Mexico.

    Here's most of my Creature collection if you'd like to check it out. Cheers!

  3. Here's a pic of that disc shooter and the cookies box it came in.

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