Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas (A Shitmas Post from Eric Martin of Guts and Grog)

This was definitely an integral part of my childhood. I watched it pretty much every Christmas, and still do. Jim Henson had a way about himself when it came to puppets, and this is one of his finest works.
It starts off with a couple of otters singing some Country songs, while rowing down the river. We meet some characters as we head down the river, including the coolest frog ever. This little excursion sets up the movie. We find out that Emmet and his mom are good people, and that they don't even have two dimes to rub together. This all becomes important when they have to decide to play it safe, or take on The Nightmares in a competition.

Let's start with the Otters. Like I said, they are good people. They do anything they can for money, but half the time don't take the money, because the others need it more.They find simple things to pass their time. Hell, they even take a cue from Cru Jones and go ass sliding. Emmet, along with a group of other animals start a Jugband. They are going to enter the talent contest, and Emmet is going to buy his mom a piano with the prize money. Ma is doing a solo act, and she is going to buy him a guitar. These are very thoughtful otters.

We first meet up with The Nightmares when they are causing ruckus in town, and end up in the music store. They kick out some sweet jams, but they are kind of assholish, so no one is amused.
The talent show is one of my favorite scenes. It is almost surrealistic in its execution. A horse cut in half dancing, flying rabbits, and more. I felt like I was watching the talent show scene from Twin Peaks. Emmet and his Jugband kill it. Ma inspires everyone with her beautiful pipes, and The Nightmares that really slay it. Imagine if Blue Oyster Cult were actually puppet animals. That's The Nightmares.

I assume there are some morals here, but who gives a shit? I just like watching Swamp People the puppet musical. Iimagine you're not supposed to root for The Nightmares, but they are just so much cooler. I imagine they do a lot of blow, and get all the babes. Sure Emmet and his posse have love, friendship, hell, even ass sliding, but The Nightmares know how to party.
All joking aside, this is a must watch at The House of Grog every Xmas season. It is funny, heartwarming, surreal, and most importantly, entertaining.

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