Sunday, December 7, 2014

"Drink the glass!" - A epic Die Hard drinking game! (A Shitmas Post from Stacy Still of StayStillReviews)

There are so many classic holiday themed films it's almost impossible to pick the very best. There are some great truly terrifying Christmas slashers (Black Christmas, Silent Night Deadly Night), The whacky over the top comedies (Christmas Vacation, Trading Places) and the feel good films that have a  lingering sparkle of violence (Gremlins, Home Alone). My choice this year for my third annual entry of Shitmas came straight from the heart. A film that's been very important to me even before I was even born...

Let me quickly explain. Before Die Hard was released on video, somehow my the grace of god my mother who was pregnant with me got some early screener from a local private video store she was a member of and never returned the copy. For every day during her pregnancy she watched Die Hard and could never really explain why besides that it was her comfort movie. (...) I gotta laugh. My grandmother told me when my mother was pregnant with my older sister she read to her classic literature every day, while for me my mother watched Bruce Willis kick ass and take names. Maybe this explains why my sister went to law school and I went to play with clay and paint at trade school. Or why I'm fucking awesome. 

= Nuff said.

Anywho, it's become a tradition of mine always around the holidays to pop in one of my all time favorites, a film that truly in my eyes after Point Break and T2 is the greatest action movie of all time. A nice tale of an every day guy who sadly is at the wrong place at the wrong time. Featuring the best villian of all time, and some of the best one-liners it's almost a crime against the human race not to get smashed and watch this movie. So this past Saturday to start gearing up for the holidays I went over my sister and her husband's house with my blu-ray copy of Die Hard...and a couple of bottles of gin.

= Hope I didn't over do it this year.

Here were our rules...

Drinking with gin and tonics

Take a sip when...
A gun is fired.
Somebody says "fuck"
Something blows up.

SEEING that we were super smart and decided to play with gin, we decided these three rules were just enough. I have played it with beer before and there are more rules, and much more zany antics happen. Instead since we're all super old me and my sister had 5 gin and tonics between the two of us and for some strange reason couldn't seem to catch a buzz. Her husband on the other hand...


We did have a big of an argument earlier when my sister said the character of Theo was played by Levar Burton. In fact we were border line screaming at each other and she ended up betting me 5$ that I was wrong.


The rules to the Die Hard drinking game with beer are much more epic and much more exciting.

Drinking with beer/liquor

Take a drink when...
A gun is fired
Somebody says "fuck"
Something blows up
Every time part of the Nakatomi Plaza gets destroyed. 
Every time the word "detonators" is said. 
Someone is killed.
A radio is used.

Take a shot when...
A Christmas song plays
Another language is spoken
John talks to himself

Waterfall when...
Hans drops off the Nakatomi Plaza.
Hans starts to say in his American accent "Ohhh Godddd helppp meeeeeee..."
Glass gets broken or shot.

All in all if you are anything like me, booze is a must around this time of year. So pop in the original 1988 classic, get a machine gun, and chug a few glasses of brew to the greatest action movie ever!

Happy holidays from StayStillReviews!

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