Sunday, November 2, 2014

Looking for Contributors/Guest Writters for Shitmas 2014!

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There are few things that bum me out more then the days few after Halloween, we wait all year for for our favorite day to arrived and then it's over before you know it . . .
 But in the last couple years the end of Halloween has made way for the coming of "Shitmas" here at The Shit Movie Fest Blog!
Yeah I know that Halloween's body isn't even cold yet, but in order to get everything together in time for December, I gotta ask now who's in for a forth helping of Shitmas?!?

So by now you may be wondering what actually this "Shitmas" thing is all about, well the best way I can describe it is once a year some of the best writers in the Horror Blogging Community and Friends of the SMF Page come together to do all kind of write-ups for the Holiday Season! There are Reviews or Lists about Holiday Movies, features on Old-school Toys, a few Giveaways/Contests, etc.
Read All the "Ghost of Shitmas Past" Right Here (2011 , 2012 , and 2013!)

So far here's who signed up Year Four of Shitmas and also their blog/websites!

01. Chuck "Cyanide Rush" called dibs on "Rare Exports"!
02. Steve Johnson (of Icon vs Icon) is writing about the Chuck Norris film "Invasion U.S.A."!
03. Manny of Mass Grave Pictures has picked "Rosemary's Baby"!
04: Artist John Tatarelli of Art Of John Tatarelli Jr will be bringing us a post on "Prometheus"!
05: James Harris akah Doc Terror is cooking up a post on "Nester the Long Eared Christmas Donkey"!
06: Chad of the The Horror Movie Barbecue will be writing about "Garfield's Christmas"!
07: Stacy Still of Stay Still Reviews is working on a "Die Hard" Drinking Game!
08: Jesse Bartel will have a post about the slasher remake "Silent Night"!
09: Eric King has called dibs on "Inside"!
10: Jeff Mahady has picked the 90s Nic Cage Classic "Trapped In Paradise"!
11: Mary Bastian of Bastians Boutique will brings us a post on 'Christmas with the Joker' from The Batman Animated series!
12: Tom Coombs will brave a viewing of  Kirk Cameron's "Saving Christmas"!
13: Chris Gormley claimed "The Ice Harvest"!
14:  Dr. Jose of Nerd City Online / Craporama Films has called dibs on one of my favorite slashers "Terror Train"!
15: Richelle Charkot of the Southpawd Podcast will have a post on "Santa Clause Conqurs the Martians"
16:  Jason Christopher of Auld Fang Syne will be reviewing The Yattering & Jack (Christmas episode of Tales from the Darkside)
17:  Kristy Locklin from the blog Cradle to the Grave has a feature in the works about the set of "Gremlins" read-a-long books and records!
18: Patrick Dolan of Rue Morgue Magazine has picked the movie "Alien Sex Party" to write about!
19: Danny Mozz of The Shock Chamber will have a write up on both of Bob Clarks's Christmas Classics!
20 Freddie You and the crew of  Midnight Confessions Podcast will be joining us for a few posts over the month covering topics such as Best and Worst X-mas Movies!
21: Justin LaLiberty of has a Triple Feature of Cop Christmas Movies with "I Come In Peace", Cobra, and "Maniac Cop 2"!
22: Mike Cherkowsky of VampireRobots does a follow up to his best of Godzilla post from last year with covering the Very Worse of Godzilla!
22: John Squires aka Freddy In Space has called dibs on the new doc "I Am Santa Claus"!
23: Bucky Schuyler of Horror Sci-fi and More is working on a post on the movie "Hogfather"!
24: Gabriel Baron has a write in the works on "Black Christmas" (1974)
25: Nigel Daniel of Terrible Movies for Terrible People will write about the shitty made for tv "Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist"!
26: Russell Hackett gives an idea of what a "Christmas/Walking Dead on Ice" special would pan out!
27: Eric Martin of Guts and Grog Reviews will cover Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas!
28: Jason Price of Icon vs. Icon takes on the 90s Rave Flick "Go"!
29: I'm going to do the Judge Reinhold/Fred Savage 80s Classic "Vice Versa"
30: Katherine Mahady got a case of  The "Turbulence" when she covers the Batshit Crazy Ray Liotta flick!
31: Chris Roberts of will have a write up on the PeeWee's Playhouse Christmas Special!
32:  Jay Ryan of The Sexy Armpit will have an AWESOME post on "Christmas Bounty" featuring WWE's "The Miz"!
33: Kris Triana of  The Tavern of Terror is cooking up a post about the Ten Worse Christmas Specials of All time!
34: Shawn Savage of The Liberal Dead will be taking on the 2006 Remake of "Black Christmas"!
35: JP Wendel of  Death Blog: The Blog That Eats People has called dibs on the 1959 Mexican Santa Claus movie!
36: Alex DiVncenzo of Broke Horror Fan will be writing of about "Jingle All The Way 2"!
37: Chris Tanski of UnderScoopFireThe (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs will be joining us with a post on "Better Off Dead"!
38: Nick Meece will be joining us with a post on the "Silent Night" Remake!

^ The above list will be updated as more people get involved  . . .

Speaking of, if you are interested in participating, shoot me a message at either the Shit Movie Fest 
Facebook Page or via Email at
I'd like to have a majority of the entries received by Friday November 28th, the aim is to have at least one new post up each day from the first of December until the 25th!

Thanks Again For All Who are a Part of this, I couldn't do Shitmas without your Help and Support!

- Tom (SMF on Tumblr; Page ran by Chris Gormley)