Friday, October 31, 2014

How I Spent My Halloween in 31 Pictures!!!

Here's some pics of how I spent my Halloween Season this year including a trip to a Horror Convention, a 35mm Screening of "Trick 'r Treat", a Costume Party, and a Wedding on the same grounds that Edgar Allen Poe is buried!

We start with Monster-Mania Convention that was held in Hunt Valley, Maryland!
On Saturday October 4th my friends Jay (of Icon vs Icon), Jeff, Katheri and I attended the show!

John Franklin (Isaac) and Courtney Gains (Malachai) from the 80s Classic "Children of the Corn"!

A signed 8x10 from both actors!

About to enjoy my 3 Favorite Pumpkin/Fall Beers! 

My Monster Mania Buys!

I also found a copy of Wes Craven's "Deadly Friend" on VHS! 

Mania got me on the hunt for all the Funko's Sci-fi Mystery Mini Line!

Enjoying a Chilled Fireball Shot with Kat.

Oct 10 in Phoenixville, Pa for a screening of "Trick 'r Treat" in 35mm!
The Colonial Movie Theater's Marquue 

Artist Johnny Destructod's Poster for the Special Event!

The following set of pictures are of the Halloween Party I attended on 10/18 hosted by The Lombardo's ! 

I always wanted to go as Return of the Living Dead's Freddy for Halloween one year, tracking down this shirt was a great head start!

But I have my longest friend Louanne to thanks for really making this dream a reality!

The Final Look!

Thom Mathews Approved!
Thanks again Kristy Jett for getting this pic to the real "Freddy"!

Me with Nikki (on of the co-host) dressed as The Book of Life's LA MUERTE!

The Whole Gang!

Me with the party's other host Sick Nick as Pet Sematary's Victor PAscow!

My 1st Place Ribbon for Best Costume!

The Last set of pictures all come from my friends Jeff and Katherine's Wedding that took place  on 10/25 at Westminster Hall in Baltimore, Maryland! Westminster is most famous for being the place where Edgar Allan Poe is buried!

Cocktail Hour in the Cemetery!

We got a private tour of the catacombs underneath the Hall!

Me next to the grave of Mr. Poe!

Back inside for the Reception, Kat and Jeff no me well cause they sat me at the Black Lagoon table!

A pic of the hall's beautiful organ!

Poe's Grave at Night!

Feeling a little like a certain American Psycho 

Having Fun at The After Party!

One more with the happy Bride and Groom!
Thanks again guys for letting me be part of your special day!

Well that's my Halloween Season in 31 Pictures, I hope everyone reading this had as much for as I did this month and now lets us prepare for SHITMAS 2014!

- Tom
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