Saturday, October 11, 2014

Enter To Win A "Trick 'r Treat" Poster from artist Johnny Destructo . . .

Last Evening (10/10/14) The Colonial Theatre hosted a rare 35mm Screening of Michael Dougherty's 2007 Halloween Themed Horror Flick "Trick 'r Treat"!
The Poster you see at the top of this page is from artist Johnny Destructo (ESTY Page) and was made exclusivity for this special Event and I made sure to grab an extra poster for the latest SMF Giveaway! So if would you like to add Sam to your home or office but couldn't make it out to the theater, here is your chance to Win one! To Enter Just Answer the Question below and follow the Simple Contest Rules As Well:

First I ask for you to please Join/Like Johnny's FaceBook Page which can be found right HERE . . .
After doing that come on back to this Contest Page and tell us what your Favorite Scene from "Trick 'r Treat " is . . .
Leave Your Answer In The Comments Section here in this Post and Please Do So Before The Deadline of Midnight November 1st (Sam wouldn't have it any other way!)
Please also include your Email Address or a way to reach you if you are the Winner!
 All entries will be given a Number and a Winner will be picked out using the Quick Random Number Generator App on my phone, so best of luck and thanks playing!

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- Tom
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  1. Sam vs Kreeg to reveal Kreeg as the school bus driver.

  2. My favorite scene is when the kids from the school bus show up at Mr. Kreeg's door to exact their revenge on him :)

  3. Don't really have a singular favorite scene, but I do have a favorite sequence; I love everything with Steven (Dylan Baker) and his son. I love the way it teases a bad end for the kid only for it to reveal he's just as sick as the father.

  4. My favorite scene is the school bus massacre! :)


  5. favorite scene... school bus children vs the bullies.

  6. Kids v Bullies is just loverly!!! :)

  7. My favorite effect is the skin ripping scene during the werewolf transformation. So gross, and such a great juxtaposition to its sexiness and presumed innocence/helplessness of Anna Paquin's character.

  8. Razor blade candy and bloody vomit.

  9. Favorite scene is the opening sequence with the front yard ghosts. I'm decorating my house like that this year. Awesome contest!

  10. Werewolf transformation scene, with Manson playing over it.

  11. When Sam stabs Kreegs but actually hits the candybar, takes a bite and walks away. Kreeg looks so confused. Cracks me up every time.

  12. Going to watch Trick R Treat for first time now.

  13. Sorry for the delay everyone, Mister Bones is the Winner!