Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Japanese Movie Program for "Class of 1984"!!!

A week a ago I was searching on Ebay and came across something I never knew existed but needed to own immediately! it was a movie program from Japan for my all-time favorite film "Class of 1984"!

(Front Cover of the Program)

Besides the front and back cover, I wasn't able to scan the whole book (cause I didn't want to bend the pages to fit on my scanner), but I did take pics of all 21 pages that you can checkout below!
The quality of this book is amazing and features so many cool pics from the movie!

Not really sure who this drawing is suppose to be lol


(Back Cover)

I was so impressed with my first Japanese Movie Program that I purchased another one already off ebay for my favorite movie about Flying Killer Piranha!   
Be sure to stop back on the blog soon for my spotlight on the program! 

- Tom

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