Saturday, March 15, 2014

A look at my growing Movie Soundtracks Collection! (Vinyl)

The last couple years I've really grown to enjoy listening to and collecting Movie Soundtracks & Scores on Vinyl! Companies such as Death Waltz Recording Company, One Way Static, Mondo, and Waxwork Records have been putting out some killer reissues of Horror Movie Soundtracks for well known movies such as "Halloween" and "Poltergeist", as well some obscure choices like "The Deadly Spawn" and "The Forbidden World"! Below are some of these reissues I've purchased along with some records I found while at Flea Markets (the place to find the real Strange Shit!) and Record Stores! I mostly look for 80s Cult Flicks, Soundtracks from Brian De Palma and John Carpenter films, and scores done by Giorgio Moroder!

From Death Waltz Recording . . .

From Mondo . . .

Miscellaneous . . .

("A Clockwork Orange" signed Malcolm McDowell)

(From One Way Static Records)

- Tom (SMF on Tumblr ran by Chris G.)


  1. Fucking great collection man!! I was about to buy that Halloween 2 soundtrack, but forgot about it and now I can't find it anymore.

    1. Eric, I wish that cover was also used for the Scream Factory Blu-ray release!

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