Saturday, February 1, 2014

Monster 500 (Toy Line)

 In the past here on the blog I talked about my love for a 90s toy line called "Savage Mondo Blitzers", they were mini monsters/oddballs that rode on skate boards! They didn't do all that much, but they looked extremely cool and I couldn't help but love them! Every now and then I will check out Ebay to track down the ones from the collection that I am missing if the price is right!

(Back Card to S.M.B.)

Any way today while at the store I happened upon a (new?) line of toys called "Monster 500" that reminded me a lot of my beloved Savage Mondo Blitzers mixed with Rat Fink and Twisted Metal!

Like S.M.B., the Monster 500 toys are racers, but to keep with the kids that are aimed towards, they also come with a code to unlock characters on a Monsters 500 IPhone game!

I only picked up "Captain Heinous (from Uranus)" this afternoon, not sure yet if I want to start a collection up or not yet!

. . . here's a look at some of the other figures, oh and there are also some play sets! 

- Tom


  1. These are so darn cool. I think you grabbed one of the better ones - awesome pick!

  2. Which store can I find these at?? Those die cast cars are awesome!

    1. So far I have only ever seen them at "Toys R Us" so I don't if have an exclusive deal to put them out or not.

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