Monday, December 2, 2013

The SMF Holiday Beer Collection! (Featuring Art from Frank Browning)

I'm happy to say I have once again have teamed up with the extremely talented artist Frank Browning (of Doomsday Designs) for another assortment of SMF's Horror Themed Beers!
This Collection was made to help ring in the Shitmas Holiday Season and features not only beer, but also wine and spirits to get the party started! Also Frank and I tossed some ideas back and forth and decided to also add some NonHorror Christmas Films to this collection!

First off is this National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation inspired "Cousin Eddie's Spiked Ed-Nog"!
This "ED-NOG" is the gift that keeps on giving year round!

Be very careful with this second Beer cause it's very Fra-gee-lay!

I don't know about you but I'd love to drink a beer out of the famed "A Christmas Story" boot!

Next up is two bottles of MOGWINE!

Remember with Mogwine comes much responsibility!

Here's Frank's take on a "Silent Night, Deadly Night" themed Bottle of Vodka!

"Punishment is absolute, punishment is good."
- Mother Superior

Even the Peanuts Gang has joined in on the fun with a "Charlie Brown Christmas Beer"!

Here's the "Black Christmas" inspired beer that Frank did for last year's Shitmas!

Billy's is in his attic waiting to share this beer with ya!

And Last But Not Least . . .
The Grinch is the kinda guy who would take the last Beer from the fridge!

Hope you enjoyed the latest additions to the SMF Beer Collect, feel free to share any of them from the SMF Face Book Page ( )

- Tom


  1. Mogwine is awesome! I'd totally drink that after midnight.

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