Monday, December 23, 2013

The Opie & Anthony Show's Homeless Shopping Spree! (A Shitmas Post from Thomas Kay)

There are many Christmas traditions: Peanuts, Rudoloh & Frosty cartoon specials, tons of holiday sales, and family gatherings a plenty. But for four random years, The Opie & Anthony Show had a holiday tradition of their own: The Homeless Shopping Spree.

The "shock jock" radio show would collect about a dozen of the homeless from the streets and subways of NYC, all with code names and interesting personalities, give them $100 each, paired them up with stand-up comedian "handlers" and unleashed them on one unsuspecting mall in the New York/New Jersey area.
During the broadcast, once the mall was announced, hundreds of fervent O&A fans(and state troopers) would rush towards the shopping complex to get in on the mayhem, which would normally include stores closing their gates(with the crowd loudly chanting LET THE HOMELESS SHOP) and pictures with an annoyed Santa Claus.
The focus here is the 2001 edition of the Homeless Shopping Spree, where I find that the most hilarity ensued. 
I could go on and on about what happened, but it would be better for you to listen for yourself. I've included a link where you can either download the whole show(just right click the link and hit download) just just go directly to the site and listen directly.
So if you have the time, sit back, grab a nice beverage, and listen to one of the funniest seasonal radio broadcasts I've ever heard, and have a very Merry Christmas.

Link To The Show:

- Thomas Kay

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