Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pee-wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special (A Shitmas Post from Anthony Lawless)

Before Paul Reubens was test firing his meat rocket in an adult movie theatre he was making an almost never ending Christmas List in the Playhouse as Peewee Herman. This Christmas special has everything you could want to make your holiday television viewing as pleasant as ever. You will find out many secrets of the Playhouse such as Magic Johnson being the magic screen’s cousin, and the Dinosaur Family is Jewish. 

Peewee pulls no punches in this special, he teaches you how to make snow angels even if you don’t have any snow, and he brings to you the biggest guest list ever, including: Frankie Avalon, Grace Jones, Little Richard, Oprah Winfrey, Magic Johnson, the Del Rubio Triplets and many more! It is quite a treat watching the Del Rubio Triplets singing Winter Wonderland in little skimpy clothing. Just kidding, they are old and horrible looking wrinkly ladies.

The special starts off with Peewee telling Conky 2000 everything he wants for Christmas. It is a shitload of great crap. He is very excited about Christmas and getting everything he wants but all his dreams come crashing down when Santa pays him a visit telling him some very bad news. 

There are many memorable scenes in this movie including Little Richard attempting to ice skate and flipping out on Peewee; Miss Yvonne getting ready to make out with Floory; and Peewee telling Grace Jones to get back in the box. Did I mention mostly every guest that visits him sings a song of their choosing? This movie shows you what the true meaning of Christmas is while also showing that Peewee is a psychopath. 

  From the opening intro Christmas song Peewee sings with navy men to the heartwarming finale this is one Christmas special you don’t want to miss. Also, as you make mystery foot prints in the snow with Cowboy Curtis watch out for the yellow snow!

- Anthony Lawless


  1. The Dinosaur family was Jewish?!? MY CHILDHOOD WAS A LIE!

  2. Is this special on DVD or anywhere online? I forgot about this Christmas gem!

  3. Old and horrible looking....I hope when you get old, you actually do look horrible. They look normal for their age. What's horrible is the fake blonde and all the makeup.

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