Friday, December 13, 2013

Enter To Win A "New Year's Evil" Poster from Quiltface Studios . . .

Call me Eee-vil!
The poster you see above is from Quiltface Studios and was made exclusively for The Colonial Theatre 35mm screening of "New Year's Evil" on 12/13/13!
It's a Signed & Number Edition of 20, and this poster is 18x24 with 3-color screen print with metallic silver ink on Electric Red French Paper!

If this something you would like to hang on in your home or office, just follow the contest rules below . . .

To Enter For This "New Year's Evil" Poster Give-A-Way . . .
First I ask for you to please Like the Quiltface FaceBook Page which can be found right (HERE)  
After doing that please come on back to this Contest Page and Post In The Comments Section telling us a little about what you like about the film "New Year's Evil" or what would have been a good tag line for a sequel to this movie e.g "New Year's Evil 2: Tick of the Clock". . .

That's All There Is To It!

The Deadline for this Give-A-Way is Midnight December 31st! 
So have your entry in by then and please also include your Email Address in your Comment so Eee-vil can reach you if you Won! All entries will be given a Number and a Winner will be picked out using the Quick Random Number Generator App on my phone, so best of luck and thanks playing!

* PS. be on the lookout for the other giveaway here on the page from Chris featuring his poster for last year's screening of "Black Christmas"!

"Black Christmas" Contest . . .

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- Tom 


  1. If I had to pick one thing about the film that I enjoyed, it's the fact that it's full of eighties cheese; the lighting, people's hair, the whole nine yards; it was also a fresh idea, since you don't hear about many 80's movies that have killers around New Years.

    As for a quote for a sequel, "New Year's Evil 2: Time Is Running Out" [?] (I feel like it's hard to make a sequel title WITHOUT 'time' being a factor)

  2. My favorite thing about the movie is the theme song. It's an awesome rock song that definitely helps give it a great 80's feel. It's a different idea from what other movies we're doing at the time and it's enjoyable.

    Tagline: "The First of the Year Brings Much Fear."???

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  4. Got to love the caller! haha smart at times and totally campy plus gotta love the switchblade..little more up close and personal of a weapon!

  5. I love the classic slasher vibe that's present throughout the film, it gets pretty campy but it's about New Years so you should expect that anyway. As for a tagline...
    "The countdown 2 New Years is here, time to spread blood and fear!"

  6. This movie holds a special place in my heart because me and my buddies recreated the dumpster scene to scare one of his ex-girlfriends. What resulted was my buddy getting arrested and a broken heart. Plus the song is ridiculous.

    If I had to chose a quote it would be "as the clock counts down, will you be sticking around?"

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  8. I think New Year's Evil had a really strong concept. The idea of killing someone everyone time the ball drops in a different time zone is a wildly original idea for a slasher film. I've never seen anything quite like it, before or after. Plus, a chick gets suffocated with a giant bag of weed...that's hilarious.

    Sequel Tagline:

    "New Year's Resolution: KILL THEM ALL!"

  9. "@LeeArnoldMWF" over at Twitter was the winner for this contest, thanks again for all who entered and shared.