Sunday, December 1, 2013

Enter To Win A "Black Christmas" Poster from Quiltface Studios . . .

The poster above was made by Chris Garofalo (aka Quiltface Studios) for last year's 35mm Screening at The Colonial Theatre. This print has long been sold out, but here's your chance of winning one in the first of two contests that Quiltface Studios and SMF are teaming up for  Shitmas this year!
Ok So Here's All You Have All You Have To Do Enter For This Black Christmas Poster Give-A-Way . . .
First I ask for you to please Like the Quiltface FaceBook Page which can be found right (HERE)  
After doing that please come on back to this Contest Page and Post In The Comments Section telling us a little about what you like about "Black Christmas" . . .
 That's All There Is To It!
The Deadline for this Give-A-Way is Midnight December 25th! 
So have your entry in by then and please also include your Email Address in your Comment so Billy can reach you if you Won!
 All entries will be given a Number and a Winner will be picked out using the Quick Random Number Generator App on my phone, so best of luck and thanks playing!
* PS. be on the lookout for a second giveaway here on the page from Chris featuring his poster for the 12/13/2013 screening of "New Year's Evil" also at The Colonial Theater! (INFO)

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- Tom


  1. The phone calls.

    The fellatio number.

    The realism of John Saxon as a cop. Like, when he asks the girls the last time they had spoken to Claire after her disappearance (aka death). They give him a time. Later he asks "So you saw Claire this morning?" when they had already specified they last saw her the night before. That kind of trickery from an officer felt believable to me.

  2. I love the cinematography and how it influenced the horror genre for years to come.

  3. The plastic over the face is a frightening way to die and this is the one movie where Margot Kidder is attractive. Always wondered what Superman saw in her.

  4. I love the atmosphere and since of dread.

  5. 1. How absolutely vulgar the phone calls were for 1974.

    2. The eye peeking through the closet doors.

    3. How they keep on periodically reminding you that the body is up in the attic.

  6. Memories...haven't seen this in at least 20 years. I remember thinking that it was "ahead of its time" as compared to the typical 1980s slashers...

  7. What I love about Black Christmas is how, let's say, un-PC it is even by today's standards. Incredibly ballsy film for '74.

  8. Oh, this is easy. The fact that a dead body was hiding in plain site. The thought is terrifying and the statement on police work is spot on. an awesome and amazing slasher.

  9. The identity and motive of "The Moaner" is never revealed-- Not knowing makes it even creepier! Bravo Bob for sticking to your guns on that one!

  10. its the first time you really see from the killer's point of view in a slasher

  11. That the slasher is never elaborated on. All the focus stays with his actions, not his backstory. And it really makes a girl appreciate anything that can double as a weapon

  12. Thanks to everyone who entered here on the blog and via twitter. I will be making a list of all the entires and checking it twice! The winner will be announced laster tonight :)