Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wrestlers and Fanny Packs . . . It Doesn't Get More American Than This!

While paging through my SummerSlam 1990 Program I noticed this ad for an "Ultimate Warrior" Fanny Pack!
That ad got me thinking . . . what's the deal with Wrestlers and Fanny Packs? From the Wrestlers of the 80s to even some of today's stars, there are so many pics floating around the internet with them wearing these ridiculous looking things! Was it fashion statement or just a place to hide their steroids? I think Bobby "The Brain" Heenan said it best in his book, when he spotted one of the Wrestlers wearing one, he'd pull the guy aside and ask, "Do you want to get laid tonight?" The guy would invariably answer in the affirmative, and Bobby would say, "Take that off and stuff it down the front of your pants!"
Any way here's a gallery of Wrestlers Wearing Fanny Packs, along with a Special "Who Wore It Better" Contest at the End of the Post!

The Klick (HHH, Kevin Nash, HBK, Scott Hall, and 1-2-3 Kid)

Horrible Fashion All Around!

Steve Blackman


The Hart Fondation gets their Fanny on!

I'm not sure if this is Michael P.S. Hayes or Mr. Perfect with Scott Hall here

Scott Steiner

ECW Guys are Hardcore Fanny Lover Too!

Ahmed Johnson

The Fanny Boys . . . Matt and Jeff

Hogan rocks the Fanny!


A Maskless Kane fanning it up! 

Mick and Val rock the Fanny

Owen Hart sporting a wonderful tracksuite and fanny pack!

Austin with a young C.M. Punk


I wonder if there's a beer in The Sandman's Fanny?

Perry Saturn 

Any Slim Jims in there, Randy?
Scott Norton looking ever so Classy in a pair of Zumba Pants!


WCW was all about the Fanny

The Great Khali showing that even today Fannies still have a place in Wrestling!

And finally . . .

Mideon on the left or Randy Orton on the right?

Winner gets the WWF Fanny Pack Championship!

- Tom

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  1. Haha... look at the young CM Punk. Hmm, also, Mideon's fanny pack seems to be a lot umm, bigger.