Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Blobfest 2013 Recap!

This past weekend I headed up to "BlobFest" in Phoniexville, Pa on Friday to meet up with my Maryland friends Jeff, Kat, Katy, and Jason. It should have been a half hour ride for me from Center City but because of traffic on 76 and a Crazy Thunderstorm it ended up taking well over 2 Hours to get to the Hotel we were meeting up at . . . total bummer! The original plan for them was to do the famed Runout from the The Colonial Theatre, but since it  was still raining well into the night we skipped that and just got our drink on that night at Molly Maguires Irish Pub!

Saturday morning was the day of the Street fair on Bridge Street, the street was close off for a few blocks for Vendors, Classic Cars, Costume Contests, and a Parade! To give you an idea of what that was like check out these pics Chris took of the outside fair right ( HERE )

Ok so below are some of the cool shit that I purchased Saturday Morning:

Flashlights that came from that old Addams Family Ceral

A Double X-mas Horror DVD

A Gill-man head for my car's rear view mirror

Old School Creature things that moves

Mars Attacks Mug and Gremlins Uno!

Some Blob and Genuine Lagoon Slime!

Added to my Movie-Tie In Collection, never even knew there was a book for Encino Man, Santa Claus: The Movie, and Adventures in Babbysitting!

Radioactive Dreams from VHSPS.com

Later that day we went to the Iron Hill Brewery, had some cool Blob Themed Beers and eats . . .
A "Dirty Weisse"

And later went to Zerns where I found a old program of that shitty T.M.N.T.'s Concert and "Stop or my Mom will Shoot" on VHS!

Before I left for the weekend, I walked around the town for a bit and snapped this nice pic of the theater will out anyone standing in front of it for once!
One of my favorite places in the World!

- Tom

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