Friday, June 28, 2013

The SMF Treehouse! (My take on "The Monster Squad" survey.)

 In the last week my friends John of Freddy In Space and Chad of Horror Movie BBQ have answered a survey that John came up with about what kind of cool shit they would have in their Dream Tree House/Club House . . . You know like the one seen in the Classic 80's Classic The Monster Squad!
Director Fred Dekker and Set Designer Garrett Lewis did a hell of a job filling up the Treehouse Set with their love of Horror Movies and making it just about the coolest "Man Cave" that wasn't attached to Wayne Manor!  After giving it much thought, here's are the ten items I considered a must for my Hangout . . .

01. Can We Get Some Light Up In Here?

 Well I'm going to need some lights for when it gets dark around night time, and what better then these "Mars Attacks" and "Creature From The Black Lagoon" String Lights Set?
I got the "Mars Attacks" lights at last year's Blobfest and the "Gill-man" lights off a seller at last March's Monster Mania.

02. My "Creature Corner" . . .

Speaking of the Gill-man, I would have to have one corner of the clubhouse dedicated to him and him alone, so hence my "Creature Corner" is going to take up a little space!
Toys, Stuffed animals, and even Pogs . . . I can't get enough of the Green Scaly Guy! For a better look at the Creature Corner, check out this LINK!

03. Troma and Full Moon Entertainment Merchandise . . .

Without either of those two studios I wouldn't be the Horror fan I am today and my childhood would have not have been anywhere near as fun!
To represent my love for Troma & Fullmoon I'd have all my Puppet Master and Toxic Crusader figures lined up, along with VHS Tapes of my favorite films from both companies!
This is just a small idea of what it would look like, I didn't have the time to dig everything out for the picture, trust me there's a lot!

04. My Werepup!

This is my Werepup, I named him "Quist" after "The Howling"! Quist comes from The Werepups Company and yes he comes with his own Silver Bullet . . . Just Incase!

I'd have Quist sitting guard of Treehouse Belongings and making sure nobody gets in that doesn't belong!

05:  WWF Hasbro Figures and Wrestling Buddies!

I'm sure you already know by now a huge fan of the 80s Wrestling Era, I've already talked at great lengths about my Wrestling Toys but I can't think of a better spot then my clubhouse to act out the great "Ring Wars" between the likes of Randy Savage, Mr. Perfect, L.O.D., and The Undertaker!
The Wrestling Buddies would come in handy as a place to sit or lean on, but mostly they are just cool to look at!

06: Random Halloween Decorations . . .

My favorite time of the year when I was a kid was always the late September/early October, l and I have found memories of all the people in my neighborhood putting up their own unique Halloween decor to ring in the Fall Season!
I'd like to fill the Clubhouse with all kind of Halloween Decorations, Old and New!
Classics like the one from my youth . . .

Or this Mummy I got in clearance from Target last year and some old fashion looking Halloween Blocks

07: Wall to Wall Posters!
I'm gonna want to fill any and all empty space with some Posters!  Any of these would fill those requirements and represent some of my favorite movies and rock bands . . .

08: Pump Up the Volume!

I'd like to listen to some sweet jams while chilling in the club, I never had a huge tape or vinyl collection, so just pretend these were all tapes and not CDS!

Dramarama, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, and INXS would be a must. Soundtracks such "Disturbing Behavior" and "Return of the Living Dead" would get a lot of play as well!

09: A nice wooden shelf for all my Books, Comics, and Magazine!

Hey I'm going to need a nice place to store all my Fangorias, Goosebumps, and Comics for both easy access and keeping everything in good shape, so a nice shelf is a must!

10: A TV with a Built In VCR Player and some of my favorite VHS Tapes!

And finally I'd definitely have to have one of these bad boys up there with me and here's just some of the tapes I'd more then likely have on . . .

Class of 1984, Dream Warriors, Fright Night, Demon Knight, Don't Tell mom The Babysitter's Dead, The Lost Boys, Beetlejuice, and Can't Hardly Wait!

Well that's how I'd set up my Monster Squad Style Clubhouse! Come On Over Any Time You Want . . . and bring some Beer!

So what would your Tree House consists of? Shoot me an email at if you want to fill this out to be featured on the blog!

- Tom

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