Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jason Lives at my friends Jeff and Katherine's House! (SMF Collector's Spotlight #2)

 Today's Collector's Spotlight is going to feature some items from my good friends Jeff and Katherine's Horror Collection!
I meet both Jeff and Kat at a 35mm Screening of Friday The 13th Part 7 at The Colonial Theatre a couple years back and since then I regularly hang out with them be it at other Movie screenings, camping , or hanging out at Horror Cons . . . I very grateful to have them in my life! Below are some pics I snapped of their collection the last time I stayed over night at their house . . .

Ok first we will start off with the Kitchen, below are some horror related wine glasses, shots glasses, and fridge magnets . . . 

Next we head into the Guest Room/Horror Room . . .
Jeff is a huge Friday the 13th fan, his favorite of the series is "Jason Lives", need proof here he is dressed as Tommy Jarvis worst nightmare for Halloween last year!

A nice section of his collection is dedicated to that particular Jason, I happen to like that sequel a lot as well so the following items below are beyond awesome in my opinion!

For Christmas last year Kat had this custom Jason Lives Doll by
Terry Cruikshank made for Jeff!

Above is a Jason Lives style mask and and a machete signed by C.J. Graham!

Some Jason Lives Models

A bottle of Crystal Lake Wine

One of his many Jason figures

A panting done by his friend Richard Donahue

The many face of Jason Voorhees!

Here's some other NonJason stuff in Jeff and Kat's Collection I also really dig!


Some Pillows of Freddy, Jason, Hellraiser, Rocky, and Sam!

A trio of Pez that reminds me of Halloween 3: Season of the Witch!

Cute Stuffed Slashers!

"The Warriors" Soundtrack on Vinyl

Creature Nightlight 

A finally a Creature Bank and Hellrasier Puzzle Box!

Well that's it for today's spotlight, thanks again Katherine and Jeff for allowing me to showcase your collection! If anyone else is interested in being featured in an upcoming "SMF Collector's Spotlight", shoot me an email at

- Tom


  1. Your collection is pretty badass.. love that life size Jason VI!

  2. Great collection! Thank you for sharing it!