Saturday, June 1, 2013

COMING SOON: The first ever SMF 24 Hour "Blog-A-Thon"!

About a week (or so) ago on the SMF Facebook Page I proposed an idea about doing a 24 Hour "Blog-A-Thon" sometime later this Summer. The idea is to get a bunch of people together writing different articles on this blog about Movies, Toys, Comics or whatever else they wish to talk about. A few of my friends in our beloved Horror Community already said they were down for this, but I'd also like to see some non-bloggers come on board. I would be very interested in seeing the fun topics you guys come up with!

I want this to coincide with the 3rd Anniversary of the first Shit Movie Fest Party (which was 8/28/2010) but since that's a Thursday, I say the Saturday before that (8/24) would be more ideal!

So If anyone is interested in submitting a post for the SMF Blog-a-thon hit me up at

The more people that want to get involved the better. The idea is to have a post for each hour of the day on August 24th. If by chance there is somehow more than 24 posts I can maybe fit in a couple a hour.

- Tom


  1. You do realize that the 24th is my Birthday so I expect for you to write an entry on how awesome I am.