Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jason Lives at my friends Jeff and Katherine's House! (SMF Collector's Spotlight #2)

 Today's Collector's Spotlight is going to feature some items from my good friends Jeff and Katherine's Horror Collection!
I meet both Jeff and Kat at a 35mm Screening of Friday The 13th Part 7 at The Colonial Theatre a couple years back and since then I regularly hang out with them be it at other Movie screenings, camping , or hanging out at Horror Cons . . . I very grateful to have them in my life! Below are some pics I snapped of their collection the last time I stayed over night at their house . . .

Ok first we will start off with the Kitchen, below are some horror related wine glasses, shots glasses, and fridge magnets . . . 

Next we head into the Guest Room/Horror Room . . .
Jeff is a huge Friday the 13th fan, his favorite of the series is "Jason Lives", need proof here he is dressed as Tommy Jarvis worst nightmare for Halloween last year!

Friday, June 28, 2013

The SMF Treehouse! (My take on "The Monster Squad" survey.)

 In the last week my friends John of Freddy In Space and Chad of Horror Movie BBQ have answered a survey that John came up with about what kind of cool shit they would have in their Dream Tree House/Club House . . . You know like the one seen in the Classic 80's Classic The Monster Squad!
Director Fred Dekker and Set Designer Garrett Lewis did a hell of a job filling up the Treehouse Set with their love of Horror Movies and making it just about the coolest "Man Cave" that wasn't attached to Wayne Manor!  After giving it much thought, here's are the ten items I considered a must for my Hangout . . .

01. Can We Get Some Light Up In Here?

 Well I'm going to need some lights for when it gets dark around night time, and what better then these "Mars Attacks" and "Creature From The Black Lagoon" String Lights Set?
I got the "Mars Attacks" lights at last year's Blobfest and the "Gill-man" lights off a seller at last March's Monster Mania.

The Camp Crystal Lake Novels (Jason Voorhees . . . Young Adult Horror Fiction Star?)

 As I mentioned a few times in the past on this blog I love me some old school "Young Adult Horror Fiction"!  Besides my undying love for R. L. Stine's "Goosebumps" series (and to a lesser extent some of his "Fear Street" books), I couldn't get enough of any and all the campy horror tales that took up space at the local Waldenbooks! Today I am going to feature a not so well known series of y.a. horror fiction  that also came out in the early 90s, that series being the "Camp Crystal Lake Novels"!  As you can probably guess from the title, these books are based off everybody's favorite hockey mask wearing killer Jason Voorhees . . . well kinda (more on that later!)
With New Line's "Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday" killing Jason off until they could get a Freddy vs Jason movie project going, they found themselves with not much to do with their newly acquired franchise. But a year after that film the legend of Jason Voorhees found his way back to people's hearts, but this time it wasn't a new movie but four books that were released in the Summer of 1994!

Book one was titled "Mother's Day", the second book was named "Jason's Curse", the third was "The Carnival" and finale book of the series to be released was called "Road Trip". All four books were penned by author Eric Morse and each book clocks in under 200 pages, so they are extremely fast reads! I been looking for these for awhile now and was able to find all 4 of them on Ebay recently for about $7-10 each, not bad when you factor in that they are close to be 20 years old now. So just what are these books about and how do they relate to the "Friday the 13" franchise . . . interestingly enough Jason is not the killer in any of these stories, but his hockey mask possess whom ever puts it on into becoming a unstoppable Jason-like killer. In turn these are all supernatural stories and they turnout like a mix between "Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning" and the in name only tv show "Friday the 13th: The Series"!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Collection of Wrestling Customs I Wish I Had! (SMF Collector's Spotlight #1)

As you more than likely know (if you've been following this blog) I have loved the Hasbro Wrestling Figures since they first came out in 1990. It wasn't until recently that I finally completed my collection by getting the exclusive Green Card Series (Adam Bomb, The Smoking Guns, Crush, etc.)

But before doing so I have found myself joining groups on Facebook to discuss these classic figures and also started building a collection of Custom Figures based on wrestlers who for one reason or another never got immortalized in plastic. One like minded collector I've talked too is Neil of HATEmale-Clothing, and below are some of her collection of customs:

Hakushi, MVP aka Abe 'Knuckleball' Schwartz & Bastion Booger

Saturday, June 1, 2013

COMING SOON: The first ever SMF 24 Hour "Blog-A-Thon"!

About a week (or so) ago on the SMF Facebook Page I proposed an idea about doing a 24 Hour "Blog-A-Thon" sometime later this Summer. The idea is to get a bunch of people together writing different articles on this blog about Movies, Toys, Comics or whatever else they wish to talk about. A few of my friends in our beloved Horror Community already said they were down for this, but I'd also like to see some non-bloggers come on board. I would be very interested in seeing the fun topics you guys come up with!

I want this to coincide with the 3rd Anniversary of the first Shit Movie Fest Party (which was 8/28/2010) but since that's a Thursday, I say the Saturday before that (8/24) would be more ideal!

So If anyone is interested in submitting a post for the SMF Blog-a-thon hit me up at

The more people that want to get involved the better. The idea is to have a post for each hour of the day on August 24th. If by chance there is somehow more than 24 posts I can maybe fit in a couple a hour.

- Tom