Sunday, May 12, 2013

Zombies vs. Ninjas III (A SMF Party)

Since we started doing the SMF Parties (coming up on 3 years soon) there have been certain themes and ideas that have gotten done once a year since their conception, my favorite out of these themed parties is without a doubt "Zombies vs. Ninjas"!

The program is usually split into three groups, two Martial Arts films, two Zombie films, and two films that feature Ninjas and Zombie doing battle in the Ultimate Showdown of the Kung Fu Living and the Flesh Eating Undead! Now finding two that fit into that last category (that are also worth watching) is usually a problem. So I am actually introducing another supernatural element this time around to make things more interesting for this third helping of ZvsN 3. (See choice #4)

Our lineup is not set in stone. Chris still has a couple picks in the works, but these are a some films I'm bringing and that you can look forward to seeing on the 16th!

01: Miami Connection (1987) (Blu-ray)

This once lost 1987 epic has found a new life in recent years due thanks to Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, "Miami Connection" tells the story of a rock band & martial arts enthusiasts named "Dragon Sound" and their dealing with both rival Dance Club Bands and Drug Dealing Ninjas from Miami!

Trailer for Miami Connection:

02: Samurai Cop (1989) (DVD)

Known for being one of the best "So Bad It's Great" movies of all time, "Samurai Cop" is tailor-made for the drunk madness that is an SMF Party!
*Bonus points
Robert Z'Dar of "Maniac Cop" fame stars as the main Villain!

Trailer for Samurai Cop:

03: Body Melt (1993) (DVD)
While not a 100% Zombie per-say this early 90s Australian horror film may be one of the grossest films I ever seen and will bring the much needed gore to the party! The movie is about the residents of the small town of Pebbles Court who are the unknowing test subjects for a new variety of "Vimuville" dietary supplement pills that arrive for free in their mailboxes. The pills are designed to produce the ultimate healthy human, but have unexpected side effects including hallucinations and mutations!

Trailer for Body Melt:

04:  Robo Vampire (1993) (DVD)

Also from 1993 "Robo Vampire" is a complete train wreck of a movie from Hong Kong, this review from user BA_Harrison on imdb really sums up the movie perfectly . . .
Featuring quite possibly the worst RoboCop rip-off ever (the cyborg's suit is made from padded silver lamé), a hopping vampire in a rubber gorilla mask with fireworks up its sleeves, a yucky scene in which a woman packs heroin inside the stomach of a dead animal, a female ghost who bares her breasts in order to distract her foes, and numerous badly stuffed dummies being thrown about in poorly choreographed fight scenes, this has to be one the most bonkers and least comprehensible efforts in Ho's canon. Consequently, it also proves to be one of his more entertaining efforts.

Trailer for Robo Vampire:

That wraps up my picks for this years "Zombies vs. Ninjas". I'll be talking to Chris in the next couple weeks to complete the rest of the line-up. I'm sure we will come up with some other gems. If not I still have this turd on VHS if anyone's interested . . .


- Tom


  1. If you liked Miami Connection, seek out LA Streetfighters aka Ninja Turf. Richard Park made it two years before he made Miami COnnection and it is essentially the exact same film, except with bad language, more fights and a really depressing ending.

    Oh, and instead of a band, the crew are bouncers at a night club. The dialogue is even better. The fights, just as bad.

    1. Thanks Kev, I always on the lookout for Bad karate films!

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